Stickers for Good - a simple formula to create anything you want in life!

Stickers for Good - a simple formula to create anything you want in life!

Let's set the record straight: WE LOVE STICKERS. EVERYBODY LOVES STICKERS. YOU LOVE STICKERS. WE ALL LOVE STICKERS. This is not simply a mere statement of fact... this is a universal truth that permeates the very essence of life itself. STICKERS. ARE. WONDERFUL. And stickers with a Kula Cloth on them, are even cooler.

In addition to providing an outlet to decorate our otherwise plain Yeti mugs or Hydroflask bottles, stickers have also provided us a way to support artists by commissioning miniature works of art. So yes, while a sticker might seem like this tiny thing - it really isn't, because it is giving back to so many people in the process. Keep in mind, you can use the process below to create ANYTHING in your life, not just stickers.

Let's chat about the process of creating a sticker:

1. The inspiration - this is the moment when you are suddenly and overwhelmingly struck by a flash, seemingly out of nowhere, to create a sticker. The idea bubbles up from in your soul and it must, I repeat, it MUST come to life. You know exactly what we are talking about.

2. Your brain attempts to talk you out of it - if you aren't an artist, or you aren't sure where to start with designing a sticker, your brain will almost immediately begin to try to figure out the 'how' of creating one. How will I design it? How will I pay for it? How do I even make a sticker? Will anybody even want one? What if nobody buys one?

3. Moment of choice - this is the most important moment of all, because this is the moment where you can decide to listen to the false thoughts in your head, or decide to follow the initial inspiration which came from the truest part of who you are. Close your eyes and imagine seeing your sticker on a mug... imagine seeing other people purchasing your sticker and/or finding enjoyment in it. Don't try to figure out any of the details of how to make this happen - simply allow yourself to enjoy the feeling. Trust what your heart is telling you, and know that the answers will come and find you, not the other way around.

4. Answers begin to arrive and a dream takes form - maybe the next time you log into social media, you happen to see an artist whose art you love... maybe you could reach out? Or maybe you suddenly get inspired to pick up a pen or a paintbrush - without judging yourself. What could happen if you believed that all things were possible for you? For our Kula stickers, we've worked with 3 different designs so far. One design was made by me (Kula founder Anastasia), and I designed it on Canva

For our next sticker design, we commissioned an artist named Melanie, who works under the name HeyDoodles. You can find more information about Melanie here. Melanie does the most beautiful sketches, and we wanted her to sketch a backpack with a Kula on it. Not only did we create this beautiful little sticker, but we were also able to support Melanie and her art. 

Our most recent sticker design features the art of our friend Alyssa at Drawn to Ecology. For this design, Alyssa incorporated a smorgasbord of activities that people might partake in while using a Kula. We also hired to Alyssa to create a series of drawings that answer some of the many questions that people have about the Kula Cloth. 

The point of this part of the process is that you get to eagerly anticipate the answers coming to you. Think of all of the people and conversations that you might have along the way. Instead of forcing the process, think of yourself as simply allowing it to come into existence. It's so much more magical when you can watch it unfold like that!

5. Make your stickers - once you have a sticker design, making it is the easy part! We highly recommend using Sticker Mule to make your stickers. The quality of their stickers far exceeds anything that we've ever used and the proofing process is simple and easy. We have been using our Sticker Mule stickers on coffee mugs and water bottles and they have survived endless trips through the dishwasher and banging around on rocks and in backpacks for well over a few years. Truly, these are REMARKABLE stickers, and it makes the creation process absolutely effortless.  They even have stickers that are specifically made to use in the outdoors.  

6. Give freely and without expectation - this is the fun part. Giving stickers away! Yes, you can sell them too, but when you put giving energy into the world, you receive so much more in return. Even if you plan to turn your sticker business into a multi-billion dollar sticker empire, don't forget the power of a simple, small, intentional gift. Send a random note to a friend and include a sticker. Sit down and write a meaningful letter to them and really think about what it means to give a gift to another human being. You might find that in giving to others, you are also giving to yourself.  

7. Have fun - most importantly of all, have fun. Find joy through each part of the process. This isn't serious - it was meant to be fun and light-hearted and joyful. When you bring an idea to life, you are consciously bringing more good into the world - and ultimately, isn't that what matters the most?


Did you create a sticker? Share it with us and we'll be happy to feature it on our social media!



Alene Castro

Brilliant idea! How about creating designs for home bathrooms. I have been reducing waste in every aspect of my life; reuse, repurpose, renew. How about Kula cloths with designs for home bathrooms. Imagine the tons of toilet paper that would not be used anymore. I have a bidet, so I just need something to dry off with!

Ellen F Goepfert

Just got my kula-for-a-cause. It’s great! I now own two kulas. Hos do I a get a sticker? I would like to get the backpack one. Ellen


I just created two for my Florida Trail podcast. I went with what I knew—-easy design in Photoshop and hoped for the best. I am trying a different printer out but Sticker Mule might be in my future, though they are the pricier of my options. Love that stickers are so popular these days!

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