Artist Series - 'Mountain Musing'
Artist Series - 'Mountain Musing'

Artist Series - 'Mountain Musing'

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Is it just me... or does hot tea taste better in the mountains? When P-EO (see what we did there?!) Mare saw Holly's 'teabag mountain' art... she fell in love... and we Posi-TEA-vly (ok, I'll stop now) knew that we had a to do an artist series Kula with Holly. We are so absolutely thrilled with this beautiful design and we hope that it gives you that cozy feeling that you can only find while sitting at your tent and holding a hot mug of tea and watching the sunset... and maybe swatting a mosquito or two. 

Tea... and Pee... the perfect combo. We hope you love it as much as we do!

P.S. Our favorite tea is Iona Tea!

About the Artist: Holly Murray

Holly is an artist from West Texas who enjoys working with different mediums. She grew up living on a ranch and traveling around the U.S. with her family. Her childhood and subsequent travel as an adult gave her many opportunities to be outdoors, and much of her work is inspired by nature because of it. She can be found sketching on anything from receipts to carry-out boxes and wood scraps when the mood strikes. She is always seeking to learn new things and enjoys the challenge of trying new styles of art while drawing from her various life experiences..

You can find Holly on ETSY here:
And on Instagram here

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