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Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Big Sky'
Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Big Sky'

Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Big Sky'

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We are thrilled and honored to present the Kula Cloth 2021 Design Challenge Founder's Choice award winner, featuring beautiful art by Elizabeth Walsh. 

A note from Kula founder, Anastasia:

Looking through the 2021 entries (over 120 of them!), it was really hard (read: nearly impossible) to choose this year's Founder's Choice award. The amount of creativity and talent displayed was truly inspiring and there is nothing that makes me more excited than seeing Kula being used as a template for more creation. 

Ultimately, I chose Elizabeth Walsh's piece, 'Big Sky' because it really captivated me on an emotional level. Her use of a 'mosaic' painting style made me think about the trillions upon trillions of infinite atoms and particles that create the universe around us - and how we are a tiny piece of this vast cosmos. Even contemplating the infinite in ONE single mountain can be overwhelming - let alone the universe. We've never had a 'mosaic' Kula before, and I thought that this art was just such a unique way to capture something really special on a Kula. I know that people are really going to connect to the image and I'm excited to see it out on the trails.

About the artist:

Elizabeth Walsh is from Casper, Wyoming and grew up loving the mountains. In 2020, Walsh moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and began a more formal career in art. She paints fine art, gallery quality pieces the majority of her time, but has also contributed to public art, installations, and murals around Utah. She has been featured in galleries in Salt Lake City and participates in local art festivals. She can be found hiking around the mountains and National Parks to get inspiration for her work. Find her Art here or on Instagram

Here are the deets about a Kula (I said 'deets' to sound cooler than I actually am):

- guaranteed enlightenment

- super absorbent (absorbs 10x its weight in water!) and soft 

- advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric 

- eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)

- durable and waterproof 'clean' side so your hand doesn't get wet 

- easily snaps to backpack using plastic snaps

- 'double snap' allows cloth to hang while folded in half (so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail)

- easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry

- retro-reflective thread detail for locating it at night with your headlamp

- size is approx 6x6 inches

- weight per cloth is .63oz 

- proudly made in the USA

For more information about use/care, please read our Kula FAQ here

About the artist, Lauren Echo:

I’m Lauren, a self-taught illustrator based in Salt Lake City, UT. I love getting outside, being happy, and making art. All of my art is created digitally with simple line work and bold colors. My creations are inspired by the outdoors in hopes of connecting people to the natural world because you don’t need to be hardcore to get after it.

Website (to purchase Lauren's art or commission a painting): www.laurenechoart.com

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @echo.l