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Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Winter's End'
Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Winter's End'

Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Winter's End'

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Is it just me, or do seasons seem to move more quickly the older you get? I remember that when I was a kid, it seemed like a year was SO LONG... and now, it's always shocking when I realize that I'm supposed to be 'getting ready' for Winter. Life feels like it moves quickly when we get wrapped up into a world of busy-ness and 'doing' - but this Kula really reminds me of simply remembering how to be. Somebody much smarter than me once said, "Nature doesn't hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
As I practice 'beingness' instead of 'doingness', I've made it a daily habit to simply be here... right now, in this moment. Every morning, I have a gratitude practice where I talk about how I want to feel each day - and one of the things that I always say is this: "I am relaxed and at ease and my life flows effortlessly. I am present and I take time to savor each moment as it is."

I hope this Kula brings you a sense of calm and ease like it does for me. You are doing great. Everything will get accomplished. Take a deep breath and allow life to flow with you. you don't need to swim upstream. You're doing your best, and you're going to figure it all out.  Sending you love, friend.

About the artist, Emily LaVelle:

Emily LaVelle is a Deaf artist living in Northern California. She enjoys the outdoors and being inspired by it for her artwork, whether it be acrylic, ink, oil, watercolors, or a combination. The dream Emily has for her art is that she hopes it will bring people joy and peace, to be there in a sense. In a way, bringing the mountain and nature to those who may not be able to get out there as often as they would like to.

You can find Emily on her instagram page and on her website:

Instagram: @emilylavelleart

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