Kula Collab - Miranda Goes Outside
Kula Collab - Miranda Goes Outside

Kula Collab - Miranda Goes Outside

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Hi, I'm Miranda and I make videos about going outside! Miranda Goes Outside is a YouTube channel dedicated to backpacking, hiking, camping, and just generally being outdoors. We talk about pooping a lot. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We just want everyone to get outside and have fun!

The art on this Kula is by Celia Binder. Celia "From Work" Binder is a lesbian artist and thru-hiker who has done numerous designs for MGO. Celia and Miranda connected over their queerness and their love of the outdoors. This Kula couldn't have been made possible without Celia.

A special note from Kula Founder, Anastasia: I met Miranda in 2020, when she interviewed me for a YouTube video about Kula. Since it was during the height of the pandemic, we did a virtual interview... and later we met in person, and have been friends ever since. Miranda is, without a doubt, one of the kindest people that I know -- she is one of those rare, beautiful humans who is exactly in person like she is in her videos - unbelievably friendly, kind and genuinely caring. I feel so grateful to have a friendship with Miranda and watching her success has been one of the highlights of my life. She truly and deeply cares about bringing the outdoors into the homes of many, many people... and she does just that, with humility and humor. It is truly an honor to have a MGO Kula, and I hope that all of you love it as much as we do!  

Important info about the Kula Cloth:

The Kula Cloth® has these unique features that make it an extremely intentional piece of gear:
- automatically gives you super powers, guaranteed
- super absorbent (absorbs 10x its weight in water!) and soft 
- advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric 
- eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)
- durable and waterproof 'clean' side so your hand doesn't get wet 
- easily snaps to backpack using plastic snaps
- 'double snap' allows cloth to hang while folded in half (so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail)
- easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry
- retro-reflective thread detail for locating it at night with your headlamp
- size is approx 6x6 inches
- weight per cloth is approx .63oz 
- proudly made in the USA
For more information about use/care, please read our Kula FAQ here.