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'Under The Sea' Kula Cloth Bundle!
'Under The Sea' Kula Cloth Bundle!
'Under The Sea' Kula Cloth Bundle!
'Under The Sea' Kula Cloth Bundle!

'Under The Sea' Kula Cloth Bundle!

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We've assembled a water-themed gift bundle ... featuring two of our favorite prints - Coral and 'Mako' the Orca! And... just for fun, we're including a limited edition 'Creepy Cat Under The Sea' sticker and a small Creepy Cat gift bag that you can reuse for whatever you use bags for (I'm so creative with my words). 

About the 'Mako' artist:


Désirée Penner is a self-taught painter and potter who lives in the prairies of Canada with her studio cat Tofino.  Many years ago, she fell in love with the sea and is now devoted to painting the ever-changing colours of the ocean.   Désirée uses her watercolours to invite dialogue about conservation efforts to safeguard these wild spaces and the creatures that call it home.  This Kula depicts Mako, a critically endangered Southern Resident orca who resides in the waters of the Salish Sea around Vancouver Island and Northern Washington.  There's only 73 Southern Resident orcas left in existance.  You can see more of her artwork and pottery on her website or  Instagram

About the 'Coral Reef' Artist:

Cris is a Mexican illustrator based in Wānaka, NZ.

She loves bringing joy, colour and cuteness to the everyday through her whimsical designs.

Whether it’s a landscape or a bouquet of flowers, she’s not interested in imitating exactly what is already there, but to observe and interpret in her own way. Each piece she makes is an extension of herself and reflects her past experiences and who she is today. 

She works with different mediums, such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic and digital.

About Kula Cloth®:

Kula has these unique features that make it an extremely intentional piece of gear:

- guaranteed super powers 

- super absorbent (absorbs 10x its weight in water!) and soft 

- advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric 

- eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)

- durable and waterproof 'clean' side so your hand doesn't get wet 

- easily snaps to backpack using plastic snaps

- 'double snap' allows cloth to hang while folded in half (so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail)

- easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry

- retro-reflective thread detail for locating it at night with your headlamp

- size is approx 6x6 inches

- weight per cloth is .63oz 

- proudly made in the USA

For more information about use/care, please read our Kula FAQ here