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'In Solidarity' Kula for a Cause - PRE-ORDER ONLY (SOLD OUT)
'In Solidarity' Kula for a Cause - PRE-ORDER ONLY (SOLD OUT)

'In Solidarity' Kula for a Cause - PRE-ORDER ONLY (SOLD OUT)

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This design was a collaboration between Latasha Dunston and Teresa Baker from the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge. Please read below to learn more about them and their inspiration for this piece. 100% of profits from the sale of this Kula will be donated.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is a pre-sale item and this item cannot be combined with other items on your order (except for the In Solidarity Sticker). Please order this special pre-order separately from other in-stock items on our website. Ordering with other in-stock items will delay processing and order will not be placed.

When will it ship?

Our best 'guesstimate' is that these Kulas will ship to their new homes sometime in AUGUST 2020. Every Kula is made by hand, so it is not an instantaneous process. If you purchase this as a pre-sale, your order will be in the first batch to ship.  

Why a pre-sale?

The pre-sale will help us have a more accurate guess on the quantities that we produce so that we don't under-guesstimate. The pre-sale also allows us to give money to the organizations more quickly, instead of waiting for sales to trickle in over time.

What is a Kula Cloth?

We didn't want to take up space here with a lengthy product description, so if you need more information about a Kula Cloth, you can find it here.   

100% of profit from this Kula for a Cause will be donated to the following organizations:

15% to In Solidarity Project, Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge pairs leading outdoor brands in one-on-one relationships with inclusion advocates to advance representation for people of color across the industry. We're focused on enhancing representation across staff and executive teams, media and marketing, and athletes/ambassadors. By building a relationship of support, empathy and understanding, versus external skepticism and internal stress, we’re moving the outdoor industry towards authentic inclusion.

15% to the artist, Latasha Dunston who has chosen to redirect her funds to Black Lives Matters DC.

The remainder to be split equally between the following organizations:

Girl Ventures - inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action.
Get Out Stay Out/Vamos Afuera - a grassroots, Central Coast nonprofit, that invites Indigenous Migrant youth to run, play, and discover themselves in the natural environment.
Camp Founder Girls - the first ever summer overnight camp for black girls provides an immersive week-long overnight camp centered on bravery, confidence, creativity, and strength. 
Native Women's Wilderness - To inspire and raise the voices of Native Women in the Outdoor Realm. To encourage a healthy lifestyle grounded in the Wilderness. To educate Natives and non-Natives on the rich beauty and heritage of the Ancestral Lands beneath our feet. 

About 'In Solidarity' and the artist, Latasha Dunston:

"When I was creating this artwork I was feeling a real need for community. Though all of our individual pain and suffering may differ, we are all on this planet together and need to work together to protect it and ourselves. I wanted to represent multiple skin tones within the solidarity fist showcasing unity. I also wanted to show a variety of foliage from around the country because like plants we are diverse, beautiful, necessary elements. I hope that people see themselves in this design and feel the need of urgency to stand up for what is right. I hope that we can really make a difference by investing in these organizations that are doing the ground work of changing the narrative of what it means to be a minority who exists in the outdoors." 

About 'In Solidarity' and Teresa Baker, founder of the CEO Diversity Pledge:

"In Solidarity means to me that we come together, no matter how we define ourselves, to help push forward an agenda of diversity and inclusion, throughout society, that we commit to working with one another, to make this a reality.

As this nation struggles with how we move forward, it is clear that we must change course, we must find ways to work together or history will repeat itself. Let us commit to moving forward In Solidarity, we will not get it all right, but let us commit to trying harder, let us be exhausted , let us be weary, let us be determined, and may we all rise victorious in the process."

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