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Kula for a Cause - Wild Kind 'Campfire'
Kula for a Cause - Wild Kind 'Campfire'

Kula for a Cause - Wild Kind 'Campfire'

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A crackling fire

The warmth on your skin

Spending time together outside

And love grows within

The perfect hot coals

For roasting a s'more

Bringing people together

As the world they explore.  

We are so delighted to partner with WildKind for a very special Kula that captures the experience and importance of introducing young children to nature. 

What is WildKind? 

WildKind is a digital membership community designed to help families with young children level-up their outdoor adventures. Dubbed by Forbes as the "online community who can teach you everything you need to know" about adventuring with littles, WildKind offers members digital courses, brand discounts and giveaways, monthly Q+A sessions, and a constant stream of included and discounted educational

and experiential events for outdoor families in Colorado and Utah. If you want to teach your kiddos how to do hard things in beautiful places, WildKind is for you! 

You can follow WildKind on Instagram here
About the artist:
Anne-Sophie Rodet is an illustrator based in Vancouver, BC.  Growing up in the French Alps, she developed a passion for the mountains.
Skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking or mountain unicycling, she can't pick a favorite activity; but these days she's mostly trying to figure out the outdoors (because that's where she gets revitalized) with kiddos.
“I like the campfire part of camping. For me, it brings us together at the end of the day. It reminds me of joyful nights with family and friends. I also liked that in the darkness, you can’t really see faces, so the depiction can be more inclusive.”
You can find Anne-Sophie on her Instagram here.