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Limited Batch Kula "Midori Ropetopus"

Limited Batch Kula "Midori Ropetopus"

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Now you can own a one of a kind, artisanal Kula Cloth. These Kulas are created and designed in a state of highly enlightened creative flow and we 1000000% guarantee that you will immediately be skyrocketed to enlightenment upon use.*

These designs are made in super limited batches - sometimes only one or two of a kind... so check back often as new options will be added sporadically. 

This INCREDIBLE Ropetopus Kula design is from the AMAZING  Midori. A trailblazing sexologist and artist who hikes, forages, and pees in the woods. To learn more about Midori please visit her Instagram or website. Trust us, you won't want to miss her work. 

This is Midori, who is amazing:

You can watch an extremely informative video about our production studio here (note: this is a fictional dramatization and we do not slather our bare hands on your Kula. The wine glass and the double breasted suit are NOT fictional.)

If you need more information about a Kula Cloth because you've somehow landed on this website and think that you are looking at potholders and no pee cloths, please check out our FAQ here, otherwise this will all be very confusing for you.  

* please do not believe everything that I write in these product descriptions 


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