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'Twinkle Tent' Kula Cloth ® For a Cause Washinton Trails Assoc.
'Twinkle Tent' Kula Cloth ® For a Cause Washinton Trails Assoc.

'Twinkle Tent' Kula Cloth ® For a Cause Washinton Trails Assoc.

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You sleep in a bed

All comfy and warm

But often you miss

The thrill of the storm

Of sleeping outside

With walls oh so thin

Because the nighttime sky

Is our connection within.  

Once, while snow camping, the snow melted out our stakes and blew the tent off the top of a mountain. Ok, I'm being dramatic. It mostly blew off the top of a mountain and we saw it tumbling, so we sprinted after it. Then we managed to snag it just before it went over the edge of a cliff (not actually kidding). It was a good thing, because it had our car keys in it. Oh yah, and all our gear. Man, that would have sucked. Here's a tip: when snow camping BURY YOUR DEADMAN ANCHOR STAKES LOWER THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED TO BURY THEM. 

Boring product description so that you don't think we are a blog about how not to pitch a tent:

This is more than just a cloth. This is the product of years of obsessing over a way to create a pee cloth that solves all of the problems of traditional pee cloth options. It is a real piece of gear (not an afterthought scrap or remnant of fabric) created out of a love for the community of people we serve and love for the wilderness experiences we seek.

Kula is perfect for all of life's adventures... you can even use it at home as a zero waste alternative!

The Kula Cloth® has these unique features that make it an extremely intentional piece of gear:

- super absorbent (absorbs 10x its weight in water!) and soft 

- advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric 

- eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)

- durable and waterproof 'clean' side so your hand doesn't get wet 

- easily snaps to backpack using plastic snaps

- 'double snap' allows cloth to hang while folded in half (so it doesn't touch pack and/or get dirty on the trail)

- easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry

- retro-reflective thread detail for locating it at night with your headlamp

- size is approx 5.5 x 5.5 inches (note: the stock print Kulas are slightly smaller than the artist series/custom Kulas)

- weight per cloth is .5oz

- proudly made in the USA

For more information about the use/care of a Kula, please read our FAQ here.

About the artist: 'Twinkle Tents' print is an original design by Emery Allard Smith. Each 'Twinkle Tents' sold benefits Washington Trails Association.


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United States United States
Love it!

I now have 6 of these amazing Kula cloths and find them to be an essential part of my life. I live off-grid and use some daily, keep one in the car for spontaneous road trips and can't imagine going back to a life without them. I have had a couple for a year now and am thrilled with the durable construction through a rotation of daily use and regular washing. I purchased more for convince, pretty new patterns and because, well... they're amazing! Even hanging in my Tiny House "bathroom" ( 3'x3' cubby with composting toilet) these incredible little squares never smell! TP is now just there for emergency backup and that is a wonderful feeling, for me and the environment. I know these were made for trips in the outdoors but they have been welcomed into my tiny house on wheels too and help to make it a happy and healthy home. Thanks Kula makers!

Sandy M.
United States United States
love them !

Use it all the time. Super cute. Works great. I have replaced my TP at home with these awesome cloths and am able to save so many wipes. Great color and pattern.

Laurie J.
United States United States
My Eleventh Essential

I not only have one but three Kula Cloths. My first one was the Indigo Peaks. It is attached to my day pack. Then I couldn't resist the Twinkle Tent. Love the tents in the trees. It is attached to my backpacking pack. I am currently awaiting the arrival of the best one of all the Adventure Sloth Kula Cloth designed by Lyn Sweet Art. I will never hike or backpack without one again. I have even used them around home these past few weeks since toilet paper has been hard to find . They are simple to use and clean. Best invention ever!!!