Free Shipping on orders over $60 in USA! Kula Cloth is NOW OPEN for pre-sale ... reserve yours now!

Pre-Sale FAQ and UPDATE

What is a pre-sale?

It's like a Kickstarter, without the Kickstarter. We are a completely woman-owned, independently funded business. By opening the website for pre-sales, YOU the customer are becoming a part of making history by helping to launch the first ever antimicrobial p-cloth for women. 

By opening Kula for pre-order, this will allow us to make a bulk fabric order, which will reduce the cost on the fabric per yard. With some 'purchasing power' we will be able to invest more money into the business so that we can scale production quickly and move into producing more custom prints, more efficiently.  

Is there any risk that I won't get my product?

No, absolutely not. If we DO reach our 1300 cloth order goal prior to our 1 month deadline, we purchase our bulk fabric immediately (before the 1 month deadline). If we do not reach our goal of 1300 orders, we will still be purchasing the fabric (it will just be at a higher cost to us, so there will be less money to invest in the next production run). This is not like a Kickstarter where you are taking any risk at all. If we don't have 1300 orders after one month, we will still purchase all of the fabric and you will absolutely still receive your product as quickly as possible.  

When will I get my Kula Cloth?

Currently, we are anticipating a 6-8 week production time from the day that we receive the materials. If we reach our 1300 cloth goal very quickly, you will get your cloth much sooner. If we don't order the fabric until the middle of August, your finished cloth will likely be shipped in September, or possibly early October. We will promise you this: we will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure the quickest and most efficient production timeline so that you can have your Kula Cloth™ and hit the trails with it ASAP. We are just as excited as you for this first production run (maybe even more excited).


Why should I sign up for the pre-sale?

Because you are proud to support a woman-owned business and you are also proud to be a part of a huge movement to normalize leave no trace practices in the wilderness! Kula Cloth represents a lot more than a cloth. 'Kula' means  'community'. There is nothing more powerful than a community of women who support each other and lift each other up. When you wear your Kula on your pack, you aren't just being environmentally conscientious - you are part of a much larger community of women who encourages each other to reach further and climb higher!


UPDATE (from 11/15/2018) 


The first batch of Galaxy Kulas is being shipped on 11/20! The Nice Axe Kulas and a second batch of Galaxy will arrive shortly thereafter and will be immediately shipped. Watch your inbox over the next few weeks for a fulfillment e-mail! We are on the home stretch of creating this product! I am so BEYOND excited for all of you to get it in the mail and hit the trails - and beyond - with Kula!

I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for all of you who are supporting this pre-sale and making the launch of this company possible.

Other exciting updates:

I have commissioned a piece of art from two female artists, Claire Giordano and Nikki Frumkin. Nikki's art (seen below) has been sent to the mill and is already in the process of becoming a Kula (I'm waiting for a proof of the printed product). Claire's painting (equally as stunning!) will be sent to the mill next. 

I'm also working with the Washington Trails Association to coordinate our very first 'Kula for a Cause'.

Another exciting update: We are testing a new sublimation process on our waterproof fabric that will give us the ability to co-brand Kula Cloths ™ with low minimums (i.e. if you have an organization that wants to purchase custom Kulas, you will now be able to do so!). Stay tuned for more updates about co-branded Kulas.  

Please do not hesitate to message me personally ( with any questions or concerns about the pre-sale.  

A message from our founder...

As the creator of the Kula Cloth™, I am truly humbled and honored to have your support in this process and I am looking forward to the day when I see a Kula on the pack of every woman on the trail - and beyond. I want this to become a standard piece of gear that women are proud to carry with them during all of life's adventures. There is nothing that gives me more excitement than serving a community of women who are doing incredible things. It is my vision that my company will grow and support women in all areas of life in an intentional and meaningful way. Thank you so much for all of your support, from the bottom of my heart!   

- Kula Cloth™ CAO (Chief Adventure Officer), Anastasia Allison 

Kula Cloth™ Chief Adventurer, Anastasia Allison