What's your Kula Pocket Zipper-scope?

Holiday Pink 

You definitely use Crocs as your camp shoes, and you aren't afraid to tell every other person why they should be using Crocs too. And with good reason... it's completely pointless to do a frigid creek crossing in bare feet when you could cross a creek in a tractionless, rubber shoe.  But seriously, it does actually make a difference - and you know it.

You are adventurous, fun loving and you always make people feel like they belong. You love planning adventures and dreaming about adventures and bringing people together for a common purpose. When people think about you, the first image that they get probably involves you outside somewhere. 

You feel the most yourself when you are surrounded by trees... and you are a tiny bit of a self-proclaimed chocolate snob. You are a true gift to this world and everybody who knows you feels blessed by your presence.  

Spring Green

You are cheerful and positive and you always manage to see the best in every circumstance. The time you forgot your water filter on a backpacking trip and had to hike 23 miles on the last day since you ran out of water purification tablets? That wasn't bad luck - that was just 'amazing training' for your next big adventure. 

People who know you are entranced by your infectiously happy personality and your love for all things flora and fauna. You are a child of curiosity and you look at the world with eyes wide open - noticing all of the tiny details that most people overlook. 

The world is a much better place because YOU are in it. You are such a radiant beam of light, and you shine more brightly with each passing day.  


You are the type of person who always goes with the flow. Plans don't work out like you expected? That just means that something better is coming your way. Instead of fighting against 'what is' - you consciously choose to believe that good things are always coming your way. You are one of those lucky people who always seems to end up in the right place at the right time.

You love adventure, but you also love being exactly where you are. You are content and satisfied in every moment - no matter what you are doing. You radiate peace and ease to everybody in your life and you love the entire experience of life - even the messy parts. 

Your presence and kindness bring so much good to every single person on your path - even the most 'day to day' interactions with sales clerks, customer service people, etc.... you always find a way to bring a little bit of love and kindness to everybody you encounter and the world is a much better place because of the goodness of YOU.  

Light Green

You bring a zesty energy into every single moment and into everything that you do. People can't help but feel invigorated by your beingness and you are playful and lighthearted. Other humans simply feel good being around you and you radiate kindness everywhere. 

You are the person on a hiking trip that will pack in the extra special snack for everybody just to be nice... you're the friend that knows what type of chocolate all of your friends prefer... and you're the type of person who still sends handwritten cards.

You have so many dreams and ideas - and you should absolutely not listen to anybody who tells you to be reasonable... and you should absolutely follow and trust your heart - which is always leading you where you are supposed to go. You are brilliant, friend, and you deserve to do, be, have or create anything that you want to in your life. 

Baby Blue 

You are the most caring and compassionate soul that most of your friends know. You are the person on a hiking trip who always double checks everybody's gear before heading out so that you know people aren't forgetting important pieces of gear. You sometimes carry an extra backpacking meal, 'just in case'. You are thoughtful and kind and always looking for small ways to show other people how much they mean to you.