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Kula for a Cause  - 'Hiking my Feelings'
Kula for a Cause  - 'Hiking my Feelings'

Kula for a Cause - 'Hiking my Feelings'

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A sunset reminds

of the beauty inside

that we sometimes forget

As we move through our lives

Each human on earth

What pain are they concealing?

The wilderness invites us

To try hiking our feelings.

This very special Kula for a Cause was designed by Kula creative director Amanda McIntyre to benefit a non-profit called Hiking My Feelings. To learn more about the features of a Kula Cloth, please visit our FAQ here.

We were going to cut and paste Sydney's insanely impressive biography here, but instead we are using this space to make a declaration of truth: SYDNEY and HIKING MY FEELINGS IS AWESOME. Sydney changes lives. We have personally watched and witnessed the impact that Sydney is making in the world and we truly believe in what Sydney is doing. It is an absolute freaking honor to be able to support her passion. If you have any inkling of a desire, please support Sydney's Hiking My Feelings organization by purchasing her book or joining one of her programs. Your life will beforever changed.

Hiking My Feelings is on a mission to improve community health by creating opportunities for people to experience the healing power of nature. What started as a hashtag in 2018 quickly ballooned into a nationwide wilderness wellness tour, sharing the story of how hiking helped founder Sydney Williams reverse her Type 2 Diabetes and kick her limiting beliefs to the curb. To date they've hosted nearly 300 events around the US and online to encourage folks from all walks of life to get off the couch and onto the trail. While the programming they offer is accessible to everyone, Hiking My Feelings focuses their efforts on three areas impacting community health in the US; supporting survivors of sexual violence, Type 2 Diabetes prevention + management, and exploring the mind-body connection.
Want to learn more about how this organization came to be? Snag a signed copy of Sydney's book, Hiking My Feelings: Stepping into the Healing Power of Nature at hikingmyfeelings.org/book
About Hiking my Feelings founder, Sydney Williams:

When former collegiate athlete and competitive skydiver, Sydney Williams, unexpectedly found herself on the receiving end of a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, while grappling with unresolved trauma from a decades-old sexual assault, she set out on a mission: turn her pain into power. Two hikes across Catalina Island and 80 miles later, she founded Hiking My Feelings® to help others tap into the mind-body connection and healing power of nature that helped kick her self-limiting beliefs and Type 2 Diabetes into remission. 

A portion of every sale will be donated to Hiking My Feelings.  You can follow them on Instagram here.