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pee rag pee cloth kula cloth antimicrobial backpacking hygiene claire giordano
pee rag pee cloth kula cloth antimicrobial backpacking hygiene claire giordano
pee rag pee cloth kula cloth antimicrobial backpacking hygiene claire giordano
pee rag pee cloth kula cloth antimicrobial backpacking hygiene claire giordano
pee rag pee cloth kula cloth antimicrobial backpacking hygiene claire giordano

Kula Cloth ® Artist Series - 'Indigo Peaks'

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This Kula Cloth™ Artist Series is a collaboration with PNW artist, Claire Giordano. As an artist, Claire strives to foster connections between people and place by imbuing her paintings with observations of nature and her emotional response to it. Claire's art has been featured by Alpinist Magazine. 

Claire created 'Indigo Peaks' specifically for Kula Cloth™. With this piece, she says, "Inspired by the stunning scenery of the Northwest, I chose to paint peaks that embody a sense of awe and reverence that can be found in the mountains. The design features Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker), the Pickett Range in the North Cascades, and the Stuart Range." 

  • super absorbent and soft 
  • advanced, silver-infused/antimicrobial super-absorbent textile
  • eco friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)
  • antimicrobial, durable, waterproof, "clean" side so your hand doesn't get wet 
  • easily snaps to backpack using hypoallergenic plastic snaps
  • 'double snap' allows cloth to hang while folded in half
  • easy to clean or rinse and quick to dry
  • reflective detail for locating it at night with your headlamp
  • size is approx 6x6 inches
  • weight per cloth is .5oz
  • looks really cool on your pack and in photos (tag us on IG! #staykula)
  • proudly made in the USA

Your purchase of an Artist Series Kula Cloth directly supports each artist.  


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Patricia C.
Australia Australia
"Pee rag" worked well

As part of our planning for the 680km Australian Alps Walking Track in late 2019 I started looking at how to manage female hygiene, particularly around urinating. I read a couple of articles written by women about how they used a cloth (bandana or other cotton cloth) as a "pee rag" that they used to absorb excess pee, hung on their packs to dry and washed out whenever they got to an appropriate water source. I thought that sounded like a good approach, found the Kula Cloth website, and ordered two cloths (one for a friend). The cloth worked well on our hike - it had good absorption, didn't retain odour after it was washed out, and dried quickly hanging off my pack. Best of all, I didn't have to use toilet paper that would then need to be buried (plenty of signs around of other people's left over dunny roll - very poor form). I would recommend the Kula Cloth for any woman wanting a more environmentally and hygienic alternative for peeing in the outdoors.

Dale R.
Canada Canada
Awesome connection

To Anastasia and Kula cloth. Right from the word get go dealing with your start up company has been an awesome experience. We try to always support every small start company we can as our gear needs.demands. Unfortunately due to an unexpected family emergency our big hike had to cancelled. Thus didn't get to put the Kula to use. I have every faith in this product and know it will perform beyond expectations. Thank to everyone involved and happy trails. Hummingbird AKA Dianne

Heather C.
United States United States
Over hill over dale kula and I have hit the trail

I've had my kula cloth for a bit more than a season and I'm super happy with it. I was already using a pee rag and funnel combo, but this feels much more thought out, especially with the silver impregnated fabric. I bought one for a friend and if/when I set out to teach a new labia having person how to pee in the woods, I'll recommend it to them too.

United States United States
Every female hiker needs this!

GREAT! I used the Kula Cloth on a 5 day trip hiking the entire Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier and it was amazing. Game changer. It helped me stay clean so I felt so much less grungy crawling into my sleeping bag every night. It was also amazingly easy to clean during the trip in the little creeks we passed. You should definitely buy this even just for day hiking. Your vagina will thank you.

United States United States
Kula Cloth

I love the concept of the Kula cloth, and love the pretty picture on the one I purchased. It worked great, and I appreciated the ease, the discretion and the extra snaps for putting on my backpack. My only complaint was that even though it was not supposed to smell, after a few days I think it did . I was on a multi-day, rather dry hike, so I wasn't able to rinse it out as much as I might have. This is not enough to deter me from using it in the future, though!