Kula for a Cause - 'The Bronze Chapter - Rewriting My Outdoor Narrative'
Kula for a Cause - 'The Bronze Chapter - Rewriting My Outdoor Narrative'

Kula for a Cause - 'The Bronze Chapter - Rewriting My Outdoor Narrative'

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The Bronze Chapter creates community at the intersection of identity and the outdoors, connecting Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) to land and water through sharing outdoor skills and knowledge, and through opportunities to recreate together. Our programs dissolve barriers and expand outdoor access through offering educational opportunities that help bridge the Adventure and Nature Gap. Through campouts, classes, and activities Community has an onramp to become advocates for nature while invigorating their relationship with the natural world.

This artwork reflects the beautiful ways we can change when we navigate with courage and a heart-full of curiosity and discovery.

The butterfly flying out of the hand represents a celebration of courage that lets our experiences transform us. Through courage, we free ourselves to rewrite our outdoor narratives.

The topo map lines are the ridges, valleys, and elevations that form the stories that fill the chapters of our life.

The background colors represent the sunsets, sunrises, mountains, lakes and seas that call our name and invite us to connect with our Mother, the natural world.

A portion of the sales from this Kula will be donated to The Bronze Chapter.  

About the artist:

Anastasia Pfenning is an LA based visual artist manifesting self expression with bold and lively hues using both digital and traditional mediums. 

Often inspired by people around me and time spent in nature. Anastasia has a goal to learn and create art that others can identify with and connect to.

Instagram @Anastasia_artsy

 If you are feeling confused about why you are on this page and you are wondering what a Kula Cloth is, please click here and all of the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you.  

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