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Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Shroomie Kula'
Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Shroomie Kula'
Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Shroomie Kula'

Kula Cloth® Artist Series - 'Shroomie Kula'

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 A 'shroom in the forest

With mycelium roots

Unless you are sure

Don't put it in soup

The world is so full

Of wonder among us

From the tallest fir tree

To the tiniest fungus.  

Ok mushroom fanatics, this one's for you. We know you are out there. We know that you will sell your soul for a pound of chantrelles or a chance at finding a Matsutake (P.S No joke, I know where to find them. I can be bribed. Just kidding, no I can't). Our forest floors are so full of life in every little nook - and mushrooms are such an important part of that story! 

This Kula features the mushroom Amethyst deceiver or Laccaria amethystina... and the plants are from the artist's imagination.  


About the artist, Rosalie Haizlett:

Rosalie Haizlett is a conservation-focused illustrator who specializes in creating vibrant, hand-painted visuals to help people see and appreciate the natural world in a deeper way. She is based in the Appalachian Mountain region, where you can often find her hiking around the forest with her art supplies and gushing over how adorable mushrooms and salamanders are.

In the past, Rosalie has collaborated with clients like Smithsonian and KEEN Footwear. She has also been the Artist-in-Residence at Great Smoky Mountains National Park and with the National Audubon Society. Rosalie loves to share the skills she has developed with others via in-person workshops and Skillshare classes to equip her students with the artistic skills they need to become better observers in the outdoors.

You can see more of Rosalie's conservation focused art on her website.... or you can follow her amazing artful adventures on her Instagram channel.  Who are we kidding? Do yourself a favor and visit both.