Chelsea Murphy from @She_ColorsNature

Chelsea Murphy from @She_ColorsNature

Hi Kula community! I'm so thrilled to introduce our latest feature in the Kula Adventure Blog Series. This week we are featuring Chelsea Murphy from @she_colorsnature. Chelsea is a mom, a hiker, and a woman on a mission to become a role model for people of color in the outdoor space. Chelsea is a genuinely positive, kind, enthusiastic and inspiring woman to follow, and we absolutely love following her adventures. Chelsea is also refreshingly honest about the experience of hiking/adventuring with kids, and we know that moms will appreciate her wisdom about bringing young kids into the backcountry. On a personal note, I only live 2 hours from Chelsea and I am simply thrilled that we will be planning a hike together in real life this year. I've met the most wonderful individuals through Kula, and I just feel so fortunate that this business has brought such incredible people into my life.
- Anastasia Allison

  1. Tell us who you are and what excites you most in life?

Hey there! Chelsea here! I am a young mother of two beautiful mixed girls. I am a lover of mountains, trails and anything outdoors! I am new to the life of adventuring in nature and am on an awesome journey with my kiddos, learning the ropes as we go! I get excited when I get time to take a sweet trail run, summit a local mountain top, or a nature walk with my kids. Honestly I just love being outdoors and learning new things about it with each new visit!

  1. You run an IG channel called She_ColorsNature - tell us about the inspiration for your account and what you hope to create within this community!

My inspiration for my Instagram account came from the lack of inspiration on the platform for people of color in the outdoor space. It was important for me to start connecting with other African Americans out there that are getting into nature and doing things like me. I was starting to feel like I was the only one, and it turns out I am not! This account has allowed me to connect with other POC that are inspiring diversity in the outdoors. It’s important for me that my girls have a role model in the outdoors, people they can relate to! Until there is a systemic change in the outdoor community, I am happy to be that for them! I hope to be a role model for other POC to encourage their want to get outside. The outdoor community would benefit from some diversity, and I hope to create that just from sharing my story.

  1. What does Leave No Trace Mean to You?

Honestly, before starting this blog account in March a few months back I couldn’t tell you a single Leave No Trace principle! I didn’t grow up hiking and engaging in the outdoors with my family, so it’s not that I don’t care about the Earth, I am just uninformed! After reading and asking questions I can answer this question pretty comfortably. To me LNT means to leave the places you visit better or the same as when you came. If you pack in trash, pack out your trash. Educate yourself on as many of the rules and regulations that you can, be comfortable with all of the principles and surround yourself with others who are willing to follow along. Oh, and always pack your Kula! I want my kids and many more generations ahead to share in this beautiful Earth we have.

  1. What would you say to somebody who wants to start pursuing more adventure in their life, but isn't exactly sure how to get started?

I would tell them exactly what I tell all of my friends, “I’ll take you.” It’s so important to me that people understand that the outdoors needs to be an inclusive thing. It’s hard for someone to have the courage to go on a hike if they have never been before. Maybe they don’t have the means, they don’t know where to start, or even just afraid that they will be the minority. All of those things and more are legitimate issues when talking about the outdoor space. As a minority I know it can be overwhelming at first and completely uninviting. My first real hike was with a local friend that decided to just extend the invitation to me. So if someone wants to start hiking and you don’t know where to start, reach out to a friend that will show you a rad trail. Hiking is always best together! If you can’t find a friend, message me!

  1. You are also a mom! What advice to you have for moms who want to get their kids outside? Or even moms who want to have their own free time on the trails?

This question, I could write a book on this one! I’ll try and keep it short. So I love being a mom, it’s a journey and a huge privilege. Parenting children is easier outdoors, especially once everyone gets the hang of it. For moms who want to get their kids outside I have three tips for you: Bring all the snacks, muster up your patience and don’t choose a trail outside of your child’s ability. I love being on trail walks with happy kids, it’s such a beautiful thing.

For moms who want free time to trail walk or run kid-free, take that time. Nature is therapy. You leave a grumpy ratchet mama and return a tranquil queen mama ready to tackle all the laundry and naughty kiddos! At least that is how it is for me. My home is a more peaceful home when I get to adventure child-less. I usually try and rotate, hikes with kids, hikes without them. It’s balance and self care 101.


  1. Free space - share anything else you would love us to know!

Thank you so very much for letting me share with you guys! I love this blogging journey I have created for myself. It has shown me that although I feel alone on trail at times being the only woman of color, I am not alone. There are other underrepresented people who are showing up and doing some really awesome things. I am excited to contribute to the issue of diversity in the outdoors. We are all stronger together and the sooner we realize that, the better we will be for generations to come!


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