The Last Day of the Universe Playlist

This was my founder's message from our 12/29/2022 Kula Newsletter:
This past week in our Dance Experiment group, I posed a simple question - I asked people, "If the universe was ending tomorrow and you could choose one last song to listen to or dance to... what would it be?" I didn't mean this as a morbid question - I really wanted to know... if everything was sucked into the vacuum of space tomorrow, what would you want to hear as your last song? I picked Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah as my 'Last Day of the Universe Song' ... but people started openly sharing their own 'Last Day of the Universe' songs with me - and I gradually built up a beautiful playlist of songs (see below!).
I listened to my own song and used it as a contemplative meditation of sorts to really ask myself, "What would really matter if the universe were vaporized tomorrow?" And not surprisingly - the things that matter are *not* the things that I spend far too much time agonizing about. The things that matter are sharing love with the people that I care about. And, really, THAT'S IT. As Hafez wrote, when you distill down your desires you will only cast two votes: To love more and to be happy.
So my wish for you right now is simple, but also very big. My wish is for you to love more, and to remember that ultimately that is what matters the most. When you focus on loving others, everything else falls into place.
May all of us live each day of our lives with the freedom of dancing to the Last Song in the Universe. 
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Enjoy, with love!
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