What's your Kula Pocket Zipper-scope?


Why would we make a product with the exact same color zipper... when we could make a product with 34 different colors of Zipper? Ok... so the Stealth Pockets come with black zippers (don't worry... scroll below... we haven't forgotten you!)... but every other Pocket comes with a different color zipper. You have to trust the Kula Pee Cloth Fairies to choose the zipper that is in alignment with you. Once you've received your Kula Pocket... come back to this page and find your personal Zipperscope! 
Disclaimer: The zipperscopes provided on this site are for entertainment purposes only. Don't take us seriously, please. But do have fun reading and sharing your Zipperscope with others. 


Apple Green

When it comes to adventures, you have BIG ideas. You spend hours cooking up wild itineraries for hikes, climbs, and camping excursions for the pure joy of it, and you don’t really care if half of them fall through. You can often be found tracing routes on maps and searching for cheap flights. 

Your friends poke fun at your devil-may-care attitude and your tendency to get in over your head, but what they don’t see is that you’re actually a meticulous planner… it’s just that you're also really, really stoked. At the end of the day, people trust you to guide them into the unknown because they can sense that they’re in good hands. You’re a leader… although you’d probably try to deny it… and that’s amazing.  


There comes a point on the trail where most people put their heads down, stop talking, and slog onward. Not you! You keep the group energy flowing by asking your friends oddly specific questions, like what their favorite movie was as a child, or if they’d rather give up rice or bread for the rest of their lives.

To the chagrin of your companions, you save your tackiest jokes and deepest existential questions for the most brutal sections of trail. But despite what they say, they’d never actually push you off a mountain. Things would be far too quiet without you around.

Astro Blue

You see every new season of life as a wonderful challenge: the chance to push yourself to a new level, mentally and physically. Whether that’s learning to speak a new language, DIY-ing a major project, or training for a trail marathon. 

You don’t do this because you’re dissatisfied with who you are, or because you want to “improve”… quite the opposite! It’s not really about the outcome; it’s about the process. In those challenging moments, you connect most deeply with yourself and learn something new about the person you are at your core. Doing hard things is your beautiful and unique form of self-expression. 

Baby Blue 

You are the most caring and compassionate soul that most of your friends know. You are the person on a hiking trip who always double checks everybody's gear before heading out so that you know people aren't forgetting important pieces of gear. You sometimes carry an extra backpacking meal, 'just in case'. You are thoughtful and kind and always looking for small ways to show other people how much they mean to you.

Banana Yellow

Your whole life, you’ve felt pulled to far-away places. Whether or not you love where you live is irrelevant… wanderlust is in your blood. Every knick-knack in your home and every magnet on your fridge tells a story. 

Right now, you’re itching to book the next big trip. You’ve got a stash of airline points and a special bank account dedicated to just this purpose. But don’t rush! The perfect destination will reveal itself to you. Be patient, friend!

Wherever you land next, remember to send your loved ones a postcard. Your love of travel is a magical gift that rubs off on the people around you… it has the power to change lives for the better.


You’re emerging from a season of darkness in your life. You feel like you’ve been stumbling blindly, with no end in sight. Trust that soon, a glimmer of light will reappear, and you’ll pull yourself back into the sunshine. Your journey isn’t over, but know that you are making progress, even when you can’t see it. 

There is an upside to this chapter: you’ve begun to realize the healing power of nature. Lean into it! You’ll find glimmers of meaning on pine-scented paths and meet yourself in the silence. You’ll realize that the gurgling streams and singing birds are telling you an undeniable truth: you occupy a one-of-a-kind space in this world, and you are loved. 

Blue Frost

Every grove of trees in a city park counts as the outdoors. Small mountains are just as inspirational as big ones. Eagles are birds, and so are pigeons, and they are all beautiful. Not everyone understands this, but you do! 

You’re always the first person to sit on the grass… just about any grass will do. Sometimes this earns you a raised eyebrow. But you don’t care…nor should you! Here’s the thing: you’re actually more in touch with the outdoors than that one coworker who likes to brag about camping at 13,000 feet. 

That’s because you don’t have an idealistic delusion about Mother Nature. You see her just as she truly is. In the same way, you see people as they truly are: the pretty and ugly parts, and you love that complexity. Don’t forget to treat yourself with this same compassion and awe.  


You are a literal bear. You lumbered into some silly human’s campsite and swiped their Kula Pocket and cell phone right off the table, didn’t you? Plus some snacks.

We do want to commend you, bear, for figuring out how to look up this Zipper-scope without having thumbs. That is no small feat. But can you please put these things back where you found them? You’re really just a big goofball, so you might not realize you can be a bit intimidating for folks. They’re not yelling “HEY BEAR” because they’re happy to see you. 

It’s a harsh truth, but the solution is simple: give the humans space, and they’ll give you yours. Now, go reward yourself with a back-scratch on a tree by the river. You deserve it.


“What’s the point of working up a giant appetite hiking if you’re just gonna eat a gross freeze-dried “stir fry” that makes you feel bloated?” 

That’s what you tell your friends when they ask why you’re hauling fresh veggies, frozen meat, and a whole cast iron pan to camp. Well, maybe not the cast iron. Even you have your limits. But for the most part, you’ll carry any weight on your back to make sure you and your crew have a gourmet dinner after a long day on the trail. You are a blessing to weary hikers and the scourge of camp meal companies. 

Cyan Blue

Lately, your relationship with the great outdoors has started to feel a bit stale. Maybe you grew up in a family that took too many camping trips in all kinds of weather, or you burned out as a competitive athlete. Or maybe it’s simply that the thing that brought you joy five years ago doesn’t anymore.

This is totally fine and normal, friend. You are always growing and evolving. Now is the time to reimagine what being outside means to you. Be open to inspiration and welcome what feels “right” without judgment.

Dark Grey

Your garage or spare bedroom looks like a certain outdoor gear shop’s “Garage Sale.” You have equipment for every adventure imaginable, and to be quite honest, you’re not even sure where some of it came from. 

Could you make thousands of dollars if you had an actual garage sale? Maybe, but that’s not your goal. You delight in having the perfect backpack, jacket, rope, or tent for every occasion. You lend your gear generously… and because of you, dozens of your friends have discovered their new favorite sport. And when they’re ready to buy their own stuff, you make the best recommendations. Far from a hoarder, you’re a beacon of abundance in your community.

Dark Silver

In a past life, sometime in the 1800s, you dressed your pet cat up in a nightgown and a bonnet, propped it up, and took a photo. Don’t believe in past lives? Place your hand on your heart and close your eyes… you can feel that it’s true.

You were a visionary. You were a pioneer of your time. Today, it’s impossible to get through the day without seeing a photo of an animal in a funny outfit. But for you, back then? Setting up the camera, getting the shot, and developing the film was a multi-day process. 

Like the flap of a butterfly’s wings, your artistic daring is changing lives to this day. Your photo of the cat… some call it “creepy”... has called you home. Welcome, friend. 

Deep Fuchsia


You’re a free spirit. People admire you for your honesty and directness. You tell it like it is, for better or worse, and you have a strong intuition. But you’re also very sensitive…this is both your superpower and your vulnerability.

Perhaps reading these words feels like meeting an old friend who you haven’t seen in ages. Maybe you’ve lost sight of your true self lately, and instead, day-to-day stressors are taking up space in your mind. That’s okay… it happens to all of us sometimes! But remember that it’s a sign to honor your boundaries. 

Plan some time outdoors or call someone you love on the phone. Prioritize the things that make you feel most like you.

Fluorescent Green

You have a rare talent: you can organize a large group of adults in the same place for a common reason. People’s busy schedules and important “obligations” don’t stand a chance against your magnetic pull. How you do this is a mystery, but what you create is beautiful. 

Whether it’s a camping weekend that sprawls across three whole campsites or an intimate backyard party, you bring friends and strangers together. People leave your gatherings joyful and full of gratitude…they don’t always tell you, but you can sense it, and that’s more than enough. 

Galena Gray

In the story of the tortoise and the hare, you are the tortoise, and proud of it. Whether your sport of choice is hiking, running, biking, or something else, you stick to your pace from the moment you hit the trail. While others race ahead, you move methodically. 

Later, when they’ve worn themselves out, you mosey up from behind. Somewhere along the way, you become the leader and a source of morale. You climb big hills steadily and descend into valleys with mindfulness and control. The longer the adventure, the more of an inspiration you are to your companions. 


At the end of a long day hike, you’d rather relax in a hot tub and sleep in a soft bed than pitch a tent in the backcountry. You know how to enjoy the finer things in life… and you appreciate them most after hours outside in the sun or snow.

You’ve tried multi-day camping trips, but you always find yourself fantasizing about a shower and a hot meal from your favorite restaurant. You think sitting in front of a campfire for hours is kind of boring. This doesn’t mean you’re “less” of a lover of the outdoors. It just means you know yourself and your boundaries, which is a huge accomplishment.

Holiday Pink 

You definitely use Crocs as your camp shoes, and you aren't afraid to tell every other person why they should be using Crocs too. And with good reason... it's completely pointless to do a frigid creek crossing in bare feet when you could cross a creek in a tractionless, rubber shoe.  But seriously, it does actually make a difference - and you know it.

You are adventurous, fun loving and you always make people feel like they belong. You love planning adventures and dreaming about adventures and bringing people together for a common purpose. When people think about you, the first image that they get probably involves you outside somewhere. 

You feel the most yourself when you are surrounded by trees... and you are a tiny bit of a self-proclaimed chocolate snob. You are a true gift to this world and everybody who knows you feels blessed by your presence.  


The dashboard of your Subaru is covered with dried flowers you collected last week on a spontaneous road trip out of state. The floor of the back seat is covered in all sorts of debris…Boxes of granola bars. Your friend’s sunglasses you’ve been meaning to give back. Spare hiking pants. 

Your intuition sits behind the wheel, and it’s never steered you wrong. From the outside, your life can look a little messy, but you wouldn’t trade your journey for anything. You’ve had enough unique experience to fill multiple books. Maybe you’ll write one…someday, after you clean your car. For now, you’re happy to keep on driving with the windows down.

Light Amethyst

There was a time in your life when you could practically (or maybe even literally) run up a mountain. Now is not that time. To put it simply, you used to be in better shape. You’re having a hard time accepting that you can’t do what you once could. 

Instead of fixating on that, what if you asked yourself a different question? For example: what makes running up a mountain worthwhile? Or: how do you want to feel when you go outside? 

You might find that your ego is holding onto something that no longer serves you. Stop comparing and set your focus outside yourself. What do you see? What do you feel? Through this lens, you can work on building your strength back up… if the time is right. But first, you need to reclaim your joy in the body you’re in right now.

Light Green

You bring a zesty energy into every single moment and into everything that you do. People can't help but feel invigorated by your beingness and you are playful and lighthearted. Other humans simply feel good being around you and you radiate kindness everywhere. 

You are the person on a hiking trip that will pack in the extra special snack for everybody just to be nice... you're the friend that knows what type of chocolate all of your friends prefer... and you're the type of person who still sends handwritten cards.

You have so many dreams and ideas - and you should absolutely not listen to anybody who tells you to be reasonable... and you should absolutely follow and trust your heart - which is always leading you where you are supposed to go. You are brilliant, friend, and you deserve to do, be, have or create anything that you want to in your life. 

Light Violet Blue

You’re capable of more than you can imagine. You’re a cautious soul, but be wary of verging into a self-defeating attitude. Notice when the voice in your head is saying “I can’t.” Sometimes, the scary thing you’re protecting yourself from isn’t that scary after all. 

Failure is uncomfortable, but it’s how you grow. And most importantly, it’s probably less likely than you think. 


You radiate energy. And when I say that, I really mean it. People often say things to you like, "I love your energy!". You possess an intangible 'something' that brings good into the world every single place that you go. By your mere presence, you bring more joy into every moment of life, and people can feel it because you bring them together with your enthusiasm and genuine zest for life.

This path hasn't always been easy to follow, and in fact, you doubted yourself in the beginning. There were a lot of times when you wondered if you were doing the right thing, and times when you really struggled to hold onto hope. But, as you reflect back on your life, you realize that it was those moments that allowed you to bloom the most. 

Keep being exactly who you are -- you don't need to be anything else. Magic will continue to flow to you -- trust that it will always be there, and know that the opportunities and moments that will allow you to shine will keep arriving. You were meant to be a beacon for others -- this is your gift to the whole universe. 

Medium Blue

You’re always running toward your dreams and growing into a new version of yourself. People admire you for accomplishments that seem huge to them, but you brush these compliments off as “no big deal.” That’s the irony… you’re so good at growing and accomplishing new things, that you don’t even notice yourself doing it!

Keeping doing what you’re doing… you are going to have so many more incredible adventures, friend. But make sure to pause and celebrate what you’ve achieved along the way. This is the key to balancing your drive with fulfillment, and making sure you’re not always running towards a moving goalpost. 

Mint Green

You’re in a high-energy season of life. You feel mentally and physically strong. The future seems limitless. 

Tap into your energy and share its abundance with the people around you. You won’t run out any time soon. This is a great time to tackle that dream outdoor adventure that once intimidated you. If nothing comes to mind, it’s also a great time to just enjoy being alive. You’ve been given a precious gift, and it’s rarely been more obvious.


You are the type of person who always goes with the flow. Plans don't work out like you expected? That just means that something better is coming your way. Instead of fighting against 'what is' - you consciously choose to believe that good things are always coming your way. You are one of those lucky people who always seems to end up in the right place at the right time.

You love adventure, but you also love being exactly where you are. You are content and satisfied in every moment - no matter what you are doing. You radiate peace and ease to everybody in your life and you love the entire experience of life - even the messy parts. 

Your presence and kindness bring so much good to every single person on your path - even the most 'day to day' interactions with sales clerks, customer service people, etc.... you always find a way to bring a little bit of love and kindness to everybody you encounter and the world is a much better place because of the goodness of YOU.  



Someone gave you a pee cloth as a gift, and you’re not sure you’re ready to use it. But you’ve done a lot of things you weren’t “ready” for, and you realize everything usually turns out fine, so you’ll probably try it soon. 

You’ll be the first to admit that you’re not exactly outdoorsy. But you’re open-minded to a fault, and you have outdoorsy friends, so you’re outdoorsy by proxy. Your friends have invited you to do a lot of activities you would never do on your own, and would probably never do again if it were up to you. But you keep coming back because you love your friends and you always learn something new. 

Your attitude is inspiring (don’t roll your eyes… it is!). But remember you’re entitled to flip the script…bring those crazy adventure friends out of their comfort zone and into yours. 

Silver Blue

You’re a natural solo traveler. People you meet on the trail are always shocked to learn you’re alone. But you don’t feel lonely or anxious. You’re at home with yourself, and you trust yourself deeply.  

You relish moments of human connection. Whenever they happen, you give them your full attention. You’re quick to offer spare supplies to a hiker in need or strike up a conversation with a stranger when you get back into town. That’s part of the reason people are so surprised that you like to adventure alone. What they don’t understand is that the time spent alone is foundational. Without it, you wouldn’t quite be you. 

Smokey Violet

You’re a spiritual person, and the outdoors is your place of worship. You see divinity in rocks and small creatures. You’re often found meditating creekside or on a patch of grass. The trees rustling in the wind whisper to you in a language you understand but can’t quite translate.

In talking to you, people of every belief system find common ground in the sacredness of nature. You might feel called to share your truth on a larger platform: through writing or community gatherings. When this happens, don’t be shy. You have the power to bring people peace through a slight shift in perspective.

Spring Green

You are cheerful and positive and you always manage to see the best in every circumstance. The time you forgot your water filter on a backpacking trip and had to hike 23 miles on the last day since you ran out of water purification tablets? That wasn't bad luck - that was just 'amazing training' for your next big adventure. 

People who know you are entranced by your infectiously happy personality and your love for all things flora and fauna. You are a child of curiosity and you look at the world with eyes wide open - noticing all of the tiny details that most people overlook. 

The world is a much better place because YOU are in it. You are such a radiant beam of light, and you shine more brightly with each passing day.  

Steel Grey

People talk about running away and living in the woods, but you’d never do that. You’ve spent years building a career and a life you love. You’re a hard worker, a vibrant member of your community, and you love a mental challenge. 

But no matter what, you return to nature whenever you have time. “Work hard, play hard,” isn’t just a cliche for you… it’s a mantra that works. Still, you’ve been known to talk about your job around the campfire… you just can’t help yourself. 


Nobody needs a field guide when they have you around! You can see the fascinating details that are invisible to the untrained eye, and you never hesitate to point them out. You identify bird species without being asked, make educated guesses about ecosystems based on the plant community, and rattle off fun facts about animal behavior. 

Thanks to you, many of your friends and family members have learned a lot about their favorite outdoor places. But unless they specifically tell you otherwise, they still probably don’t want to wake up at 4 AM to go birding.


You love to try new things. You’re the kind of person who would buy a sailboat and learn how to sail it after the fact using only YouTube videos. You have a sourdough starter named Fred, which you sometimes use. You take breaks from work to practice standing on your head. 

Not all of your forays into the unknown stick. Sometimes you take up an interest for a season and then move on. Some of your activities become life-long hobbies. Never get tricked into feeling shame for being “inconsistent”... You’re living a full and vibrant life. 


You have the most well-equipped first aid kit in your group, and you know how to use everything in it. You always volunteer to build the campfire, and people are happy to let you because you can get a blaze going in record time. You still practice navigating with only a compass and a paper map. 

Your scout leader from grade school would be so proud if they could see you now. But more importantly, your adventure companions today feel secure and supported when they have you around.