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Kula Cloth started with a dream many years ago... in fact, it started as simply a line of text written on a whiteboard in an office. For the first time in my life, I put a vision out into the universe - without arguing for all of the reasons why I couldn't make it happen. For the first time in my life, I let go of all the usual suspects... "Somebody else is already doing it"... "I don't know how"... "I'm not good enough." 


And you know what? When you don't need to know all the answers... they start to find YOU. We've been taught to 'do it wrong'... we were taught that we need to know the perfect plan from A to Z... but that's not how creating a dream works at all. You have to cultivate the vision first... feel the feeling of its realness in your heart... and then let it go, without needing to know the HOW.


So that's why we created this Dream Portal - a way for YOU to share your dream with the universe and simply feel the realness of it - and let it go. Use the form below and share your dream with us. We will take all of your messages (we might write back to you ... but don't worry, we will keep your dream anonymous!) and post them on our dream board here at Kula HQ so that we can help you believe in your dream too. 


Here are a few tips when sharing your dream:


  • write about it in the present tense, as if it is real right now ... i.e. "I am the founder of an outdoor gear company". 
  • Get as specific as it feels good to you. If you find yourself needing to know 'how' things are going to work out - back off a little bit and only write what feels fun.
  • Be open - you don't need to know how this will all unfold - just have fun with it.
  • There are no limits - dream big - everything is possible!  


People once told me that my dreams were 'silly' and they told me that I just had a lot of 'whims'. I'm sorry I listened to those people for many years. I'm here to tell you that your dreams are NOT silly - and that bringing them to life is what you were meant to do. Through you, we all get to see the beauty of the universe itself shining. Through you, the goodness of life itself ripples out into the world and creates more love and connection for all.  


Finally, since we are all sharing dreams - here is our dream at Kula HQ:

We have a modern, rustic HQ building that is spacious and open and situated on acreage in the forest here in Washington. We have a state of the art fulfillment center, a cafe and an espresso bar, an art gallery, and an indoor and outdoor dance floor.

People come from all over the world to spend time here - and hikers from every part of the globe visit to pose in front of our bronze Creepy Victorian Cat Sculpture. The Kula employees are happy, content and enthusiastic about coming to work. We have a creative room where we all work on art projects. The floor in the building is concrete so that we can wear rollerskates or rollerblades while we are working.

We host events, and there is a campfire ring outside where we can gather and share connection with members of the Kula community. There is a dream board inside the Kula HQ where Kula community members can share their dreams and put them into words. There is a wall of tiles with photos and names of all of the people who made our dream possible. We go to work each day feeling a sense of love and connection and excitement - and we allow that to ripple into every interaction. Our intention every single  day is to use Kula to facilitate more kindness in the world and to remember that it is the energy we bring to each day, not outdoor gear, that is the most important thing we create. Abundance flows to us easily and effortlessly in surprising ways and we are open to receiving it and generous in giving it back to others.  

This is our dream... and our dream HQ. Feel free to add your dream in the contact form below and just let it go out into the world. Who you are matters very much friend - you are loved.  



Share your dream with us and put it out into the world!  

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