How to clean a Kula Cloth!

How to clean a Kula Cloth!

Dearest Kula friends,
Ok... so, you've taken the plunge... and you've snapped a Kula Cloth to your pack... first off, YAY! Jump up and down and celebrate a little bit, and do yourself a favor and dance to this song (seriously, it'll make you feel amazing):
Ok, now that you've properly energized yourself... it's time to talk about USING and CLEANING your Kula Cloth!
Using the Kula Cloth is super easy -- just pee (read this post for pee methodology) like normal and then use the black, absorbent side to pat dry. Do NOT wipe from front to back. Do NOT pee directly ONTO the pee cloth. Simply use the Kula Cloth to pat dry and remove excess moisture. I find that 'holding it in place' is also an effective technique at absorbing those pesky pee droplets.
When you have finished using your Kula Cloth, simply snap it back to your backpack -- and double snap it closed if you want to keep it from touching your pack. 
I use my Kula Cloth all day long on day hikes or day trips -- and then I wash it in my sink when I get home. Simply add a few drops of soap (I like Bronner's peppermint or unscented soap), wet, agitate, rinse and hang it to dry! 
You CAN wash your Kula Cloth in a standard washer/dryer -- just be very careful to SNAP the Kula CLOSED so that the strap does not get snagged and ripped on the agitator in your washing machine. I do not recommend washing the Kula with items that contain a significant amount of velcro. You can also place your Kula Cloth in a lingerie or delicates bag in order to be more gentle in the washing machine process.
If you're in the backcountry -- first off, AMAZING! I am so tremendously glad that you are carving out time to spend snippets of life on this planet it nature. In fact, you should do it more often. I'm going to give you a permission slip to spend MORE TIME in nature. If anybody ever questions you -- just give them this slip, and tell them that Anastasia from Kula Cloth says it's OK. 
Ok - I digress. If you are in the backcountry, it's SO easy to clean your Kula Cloth! First off -- don't wash it out in a stream or lake, because that doesn't follow Leave No Trace Principals. Instead, take your Kula Cloth at least 200ft away from water sources with your water bottle and a tiny bottle of soap. I use a .5oz nalgene bottle filled with some Bronner's unscented or peppermint soap. 
Put a few drops of soap on your Kula, and then wet it with the water from your water bottle. Agitate the Kula with your hands so that it is nice and sudsy. Then, rinse it off with your water bottle!
Finally, hang your Kula Cloth to dry overnight. If it's damp or humid outside, wring out the Kula as best as you can, and then place your slightly damp Kula DIRECTLY on your skin inside of your long underwear at night while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning -- POOF -- the Kula Cloth will be dry and ready to use the next day!
I like washing my Kula Cloth every evening before I go to bed, but it is entirely up to you how often you want to wash it. Some people go for two days before washing it -- it is a personal preference and choice.
If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask -- you can always reach out to me at
I'm so honored that Kula Cloth gets to be a part of all of your most wonderful adventures, and I hope that it helps you have a more confident and connected experience in the wild.
You are so loved, friends!
Anastasia Allison
Founder, Kula Cloth 


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