Everything is Makebelievable.

Everything is Makebelievable.

Hello friends, and welcome to the most secret... most magical place... on the entire internet. You are welcome here... to sit and listen to a little whisper of the infinite possibilities that live within YOUR HEART at all times. Who you are matters, and you have so much to bring to the world -- never forget that!
You were born on this planet
Only one of you exists
You matter so much
You have so many gifts

Not one person alive
Sees the universe like you
There's not much I know
But this much is true

Who you are is important
Your dreams are not silly
So keep walking that path
Even when it gets hilly

Each up and each down
A lesson you learn
A new opportunity exists
Around every single turn

Don't let go of ideas
They are meant to stay alive
As you nurture them with love
They start to thrive

And what starts as a glimmer
Will burn as a spark
And the light in your soul
Will brighten the dark

The more glimmers that rise
The more light we will see
The more people will bring
Their unique creativity

A ripple in a pond
It starts very small
But soon all that joy
Is shared with the all

It only takes a single
Person who decides to decide
That they won't live small anymore
That they weren't meant to hide

And as that blossoming happens
A flower so rare
The beauty, unimaginable
Extending infinite care

To all who are part
Of this cosmic river above
And we keep flowing on
Powered by that infinite love.
Photos by Marie Vanderpool.  
This is a secret page, so only the people who are meant to be here will find it -- and it is so important that we uplift each other! As you listen to the music, sign the guestbook below and write down something you are grateful for, or some kind and inspirational words for another human to read. 



I found this at the right time….. Thank you. I always told my partner of 18 years “good morning sunshine” and he is gone now… I miss him but life is good now… It has taken years to get here. I will always be without him but not alone. I have our pets and my memories. Thank you again. Blessings


The seeds within us, seeds of love, of giving, of growth, of strength, of healing, these seeds are ours to water. We may go through periods of winter where we see little progress or try to rush the minute growth. But the water and sunlight of strong roots are gentleness and small consistent steps. Be patient with yourself, in the end the flowers will bloom and good will triumph.

Thank you Anastasia for creating a place where kindness is king and dreams are encouraged. Your words help me let go of fear and move forward with a smile.

Jess M

I am grateful that God created me in a way that my soul is drawn to meet with him in the outdoors. The lord recently met with me on a mountain top in CO and it brought me such an abundance of joy and peace! I hope others will be drawn to get away to encounter the presence of God. My kula was with me every step of the way, I rely on the lord for most everything, but I am very kula-dependent ;-)


I am grateful there is still goodness in the world. Thank you for the constant good vibes.


Let kindness be your first choice whenever you can!

Thank you Anastasia for all the positive vibes and love you put into the world. Sending a big hug!

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