'WildKind 'Grow Wild' - Kula for a Cause
'WildKind 'Grow Wild' - Kula for a Cause

'WildKind 'Grow Wild' - Kula for a Cause

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Curious eyes
So much to see and learn
New sights and new smells
Around every turn
When children are young
The time spend outside
Will teach them more about life
Than the thoughts in their mind.
We are so delighted to partner with WildKind for a very special Kula that captures the experience and importance of introducing young children to nature. 
What is WildKind? 

WildKind is a digital membership community designed to help families with young children level-up their outdoor adventures. Dubbed by Forbes as the "online community who can teach you everything you need to know" about adventuring with littles, WildKind offers members digital courses, brand discounts and giveaways, monthly Q+A sessions, and a constant stream of included and discounted educational and experiential events for outdoor families in Colorado and Utah. If you want to teach your kiddos how to do hard things in beautiful places, WildKind is for you! 

You can follow WildKind on Instagram here.
About the artist:

Anastasia Pfenning is an LA based visual artist manifesting self expression with bold and lively hues using both digital and traditional mediums. 

Often inspired by people around me and time spent in nature. Anastasia has a goal to learn and create art that others can identify with and connect to.

“Grow Wild” was inspired by my family’s  love for the outdoors. It is very important to us, that the little ones in our family spend time exploring outside and that they know that they belong there. 

Instagram @Anastasia_artsy

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