The Kula Leash
The Kula Leash

The Kula Leash

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It's so important to take your Kula on regular walks - and to make it easy, we created these nifty Kula Leashes that allow you to clip your Kula onto the outside of the backpack... and squat to pee without having to take your pack off! 


  • Product size: 1.25'' diameter
  • Product material: Biodegradable plastic with metal pocket clip on back
  • Made from environmentally friendly plastic which will biodegrade in a regular landfill within 18-60 months
  • Cord with alligator clip attachment extends to 30''

Note: while the Kula leash is very secure and will not come off your backpack when properly clipped - we don't recommend using the leash if you are going to be doing very intense bushwhacking with brush clawing aggressively at your backpack. If you are going to be bushwhacking, we recommend sticking with the standard Kula strap/snap to attach your Kula to your backpack.