'Mini Explorers' by Kids Who Explore - Kula Collab
'Mini Explorers' by Kids Who Explore - Kula Collab
'Mini Explorers' by Kids Who Explore - Kula Collab

'Mini Explorers' by Kids Who Explore - Kula Collab

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Think that a Kula is only for pee??! Think again! Our friends at Kids Who Explore want to make sure that mini explorers are equipped for all types of situations in the outdoors... so you can use this Kula as it is intended (peeing) ... or it can also be a nose wiper for kids who explore. Runny noses - you've met your match!  

About our collab partner, Kids Who Explore: 

Kids Who Explore is a global community on a mission to get more kids in the outdoors. Through events, meet ups, inspiration, ‘how to’ blogs, gear reviews, and showcasing families around the world.

You can find the Kids Who Explore Community on Instagram by clicking here.  

And... if you feel like you don't even know how you got here (don't worry - I feel that way too sometimes... and I am the one writing the copy for this page... you aren't alone friend) ... and you're wondering what a Kula Cloth actually is... you can find our FAQ right here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Tully Huculak

Tully is a talented Métis designer and consultant, known for her exceptional skills in graphic design and her extensive industry expertise. With a strong educational background, Tully holds a Bachelor of Design from Alberta University of the Arts and a Master of Management from the prestigious University of Calgary. Passionate about her craft, Tully is dedicated to creating captivating visual designs that resonate with the mission, values, and objectives of each unique brand she collaborates with. Outside of her professional endeavors, Tully actively engages in her local community by attending lots of events. She finds inspiration and fresh perspectives by immersing herself into vibrant cultural scenes, staying connected with fellow artists and designers, and continuously seeking opportunities for growth and learning.