Be Kula Giveaway!

Welcome to our Be Kula Giveaway!

To celebrate our 10k milestone on Instagram, we decided to team up with some of our favorite friends and brands to giveaway over a thousand dollars in AMAZING prizes.

As much as we love gear, we really value the mission and the people behind these brands. These are kind, genuine and caring individuals who are working hard to follow their own path and bring their dreams to life. We hope that these organizations inspire you to pursue an adventurous life too!

Scroll down and please read below to learn a little more about the organizations, how we know them, and what they contributed to this giveaway. 


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Garage Grown Gear - donated 3 $50 Gift Cards.

Garage Grown Gear was founded by Amy Hatch and Lloyd Vogel. These two kick butt entrepreneurs have made it their life's mission to support small, start up and cottage outdoor brands. Namely, they sell the cool stuff that you can't buy at the big box stores. GGG was the very first retailer for Kula Cloth, and we love them more than we can express!  

Epic Wipes - donated 4 boxes of 4 Epic Wipes!

Epic Wipes was founded by Aeneas Janze. The idea for the Epic Wipe came to him while he was deployed in Afghanistan. For each Epic Wipe sold, one is donated to either a deployed military, disaster relief or the homeless. 

Skirt Sports - donated a $50 gift card!

Skirt Sports was founded by professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom who was tired of training and racing in uninspiring, poorly-fitting athletic clothing. She created the first-ever running skirt, won an Ironman wearing it, and shortly afterward started delivering freedom and happiness to women athletes everywhere. Today Skirt Sports offers a full line of great-fitting, versatile women's athletic clothing from sizes XS to 3X.

Outdoor Pantry - donated 3 backpacking meals!

Kula Founder Anastasia discovered Outdoor Pantry through instagram and became friends with founder Deb Cyros. Deb was inspired to create her own meals after hiking the PCT. Anastasia is OBSESSED (read: legit obsessed) with her Biscuits and Gravy and her Chicken and Waffles. Deb's food is so good that you will eat it at home. We are so proud to watch Deb's business flourish and thrive and so excited to give away a few of her meals to some lucky winners!  

Ombraz Sunglasses - donated 1 pair of sidearm-less sunglasses!

Kula founder Anastasia met Ombraz founders Nikolai and Jensen after she stalked them on Instagram and became obsessed with their entrepreneurial spirit and BRILLIANT sunglasses. She bought a pair, and hasn't taken them off since. They are the smartest, most amazing sunglasses you will EVER own.  


Rawlogy - donated a set of eco friendly cork massage balls.

Rawlogy was founded by our dear friend Marek Bowers, who was on a mission of self-care and healing in his own life. After experiencing pain on the trail, he decided to become the solution, rather than focusing on the problem. The end result is the Rawlogy Ball - super lightweight cork balls that can be easily carried by hikers or travellers (or anybody!) to provide massage and pressure point relief. We have been using these balls for months now and they have become an ESSENTIAL part of our gear kit. You are going to wonder how you ever lived without them!

Mom's Stuff - donated a travel kit of Face Balm, Night Face Balm and All Purpose Pinon Salve.

Mom's stuff was founded by Lee Bennion, who was looking for a way to create a healthy, natural skincare product. She still makes every batch by hand in a small workshop in Utah. Lee also is a huge fan of Kula, and we love her for it! 

Beads of Courage - donated 5 'Beads of Courage Carry a Bead Kits'

Beads of Courage is an incredible non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and teens coping with serious illness, their families, and the clinicians who care for them through our Arts-in-Medicine Programs. Their mission is to provide innovative Arts-in-Medicine programs for children coping with serious illness, their families and the clinicians who care for them.

The 'Carry A Bead' kits included in this giveaway are very special.. Each person who receives a kit will carry (wear) the beads on an adventure. They return one bead to us to be given to a child in the hospital being treated for cancer or another serious illness. The bead is given to a child on a tough treatment day to encourage them to stay strong and remind them they are not alone in their fight for life. The person who carries the bead keeps the other bead, energetically connecting them to the child they are supporting.

Pixie Cup - donated a starter set gift pack (seen in image).

Pixie Cup is an eco-friendly menstrual cup that donates one cup for every one sold. When you buy a Pixie Cup, they give a second cup to a woman in need. Pixie Cups are the perfect solution for women worldwide who have financial, sanitary, or restroom accessibility needs! To date, they have donated over 20,000 pixie cups! 


pStyle - donated 4 pStyles + 4 carrying cases! 

The pStyle was founded by Krista Eickmann in 2006 to promote the practical plastic crotch devices that have changed her life (and so many others!).  pStyle is a stand to pee device used by women, non binary folks, and trans men (just like Kula!). They included a carrying case that is handmade from organic cotton by awesome queer women at their studio in Tennessee. Whether you're studying the climate in Antarctica or just visiting a questionable restroom, pStyle allows users to go when they need to without removing a stitch. They believe gender doesn't need to define what you do, what you wear, or how you pee!!

Koi Cat Creative - Donated a print of her original fox watercolor (seen above). Amanda McIntyre is the genius behind Koi Cat Creative, and she will likely be familiar to fans of Kula for her Unicorn Kula design and for the soon-to-be-released Fox Print. Amanda is a freelance artist and designer and also the Creative Director for Kula. She is a close personal friend, an absolute gem of a human, and has truly been one of Kula's biggest supporters since the very beginning. 


NOSO Patches - donated three $50 gift cards for patches!

Noso Patches was founded in 2016 by Kelli Jones. Kelli saw too many people patching their gear with duct tape. She thought there had to be a better way, but after some research, she found the available products to be lacking in quality. Kelli set out to create a better patch. After trying out hundreds of different formulas, she engineered a perfect combination that would hold tight and look great for her active lifestyle. Kelli is an ardent supporter of female entrepreneurs and she has been encouraging Kula since the very beginning. We are so grateful to Kelli, her team and her enthusiastic support.  

Sugar Sky - donated a headband and a towel.

Sugar Sky was founded by a super rad woman named Skylar, who has been a supporter of Kula since the beginning of Kula. Their gear is handmade by highly-skilled and well-paid American sewers, and constructed with fabric printed in the USA. We are seriously jealous of the people who win the Sugar Sky products as they are so adorable and soft and intentional. We are really proud to have Sugar Sky in this giveaway!  

Voke Tab - donated 2 boxes of Voke Tabs!

Voke tab was designed by a father/son team who were looking for a healthy, convenient, and ultra-portable energy solution to fuel long days in the mountains and at school. Kula founder Anastasia is OBSESSED with Voke tabs - she carries them on backpacking trips and pretty much includes them into almost every day. They taste great and they will give you a little 'boost' and help you stay focused. We are so stoked to introduce somebody else to these magic little tabs!

Eureka tents - donated a 2 person tent!

Funny story: when we were planning this giveaway, we said that we really wanted to include a tent. We reached out to Jet Boil about participating, not knowing that their marketing team also handled Eureka tents. The woman we contacted suggested, out of the blue, that we could possibly include a tent in the giveaway instead of the JetBoil. We love JetBoil, but we were THRILLED! A tent! We are overwhelmed at the generosity of Eureka. The tent we are giving away is a small two person tent with tons of mesh - it will be perfect for backpacking or car camping, and we can't wait to give it away!  


Explore Washington State - donated an Explore Washington sticker! 

Explore Washington State is a fun community and platform dedicated to sharing the amazing places, experiences and resources that we have in WA! Fun fact: Kula founder Anastasia was interviewed by Explore Washington State for their podcast about The Musical Mountaineers. You can listen to that episode here.