Ambassador Program Application

Note: We are not currently accepting new Ambassadors, however, please feel free to submit an application to be considered for our next round of Ambassador selection!  

Do you want to get free gear and make a difference at the same time? Kula Cloth™ is seeking applicants for our Ambassador Program! 

Each Ambassador will receive different Kula prints throughout the year (as they are released), and will have the opportunity to be featured on both the Kula Adventure Blog and Kula Instagram - we will do our best to promote you and all of the good work that you are doing!

What's your role as an ambassador? Simply to share your (genuine) enthusiasm for Kula and for Leave No Trace ethics/travel/adventure life. We won't require a certain number of posts per month - we want this ambassador program to be genuine and authentically you. We want you to do this because you legitimately care and want to make a difference.  

4+ times per year, we will have a group Zoom phone call meeting (optional!) to chat with all of the ambassadors and find ways that we can support each other's goals and dreams. Anastasia, the founder of Kula, will also do one-on-one calls with each ambassador to get to know you better!  

In the contact form below please provide the following information:

1. Name + e-mail

2. Social Media Links (instagram, blogs, Facebook, etc...)

3. What makes you an ideal fit for a Kula Ambassador?

4. Do you have any unique opportunities/venues for sharing Kula and/or your passion for LNT ethics?

5. What is your primary sport/interest in the outdoor community? 

6. Any other relevant experience/expertise/information/personal goals that you would like to share?

7. 'Kula' means community! What does building a community look like to you? What can you do to help build a community of positively-focused stewards?

8. Free space - be creative and say anything you want!