I don’t know much… but this much is true… the world is a much better place with you.

An Ode to the Creepy Victorian Cat

Oh creepy Victorian kitty 
We are so sad to see you go 
Whatever shall we do now 
Wherever shall we go 
Your stunned and googly eyes 
Your adorable white night gown 
Your gaze off into space 
Creates a smile from a frown 
The first day that we met you 
You started as a joke 
We never would have guessed 
You would leave our hearts so broke 
You came into our lives 
A two dimensional digital square 
And now there is a void 
In our hearts since you’re not there 
Should i post a butt shot now 
Or a photo of my food 
I beseech thee Victorian kitty 
What am i supposed to do 
Hours spent just staring at you 
Applying you to life 
Your befuddled simple expression 
Always took away our strife 
Not to mention you made it easy 
For us to love you the most 
You can get away with working 1 minute a day 
When you only have one thing to post 
Truth be told my brain hurts 
That’s the last time I’ll ever complain 
About wearing a snuggie in a heat wave 
I’d give anything to wear it again 
Lo o’ cat of great mystique 
Please tell me it isn’t true 
You can’t be gone it isn’t right 
What will we ever do without you? 
I’ve spent $2000 on stickers 
To give away to your adoring fans 
Please give me a sign from beyond the grave 
Please help me if you can 
Kula cloth is floundering 
We don’t know how to tell 
All Our potential customers 
About the product that we sell 
But you Victorian kitty 
With your bulging little eyes 
You could sell a Kula 
Without ever needing to try 
Slap a kitty on it 
Give the money to a cause 
Throw a banana on for good measure 
Nothing gave you pause 
Without you joy has gone away 
My heart doesn’t sing with glee 
Now I’m here just trying to find 
A way to a sell a cloth for pee 
A wise person once told me 
Everything happens for a reason 
So maybe if I look close enough 
I’ll see the silver lining in you leaving 
Kula means community 
And we definitely have had that 
The past few weeks have brought many laughs 
From this creepy Victorian cat 
And what is a laugh but a cosmic ripple 
Of energy and love 
Sent out into the universe 
Down below and also above 
Each time we choose to focus 
Even if it’s on a meme 
The happiness we feel inside 
Becomes part of the dream 
And what is life If not a dream 
As we exist on this rotating ball 
A dream we will wake up from 
When We sink back into the all 
Wow that was deep 
Have I gone off course? 
Th Victorian cat would disagree 
It now lives in every flower 
And among the peaks and trees 
Sit quietly and you’ll hear it 
It’s whispering quietly to you 
Who you are really does matter 
And that is something true 
Oh Victorian kitty 
we bid thee fair adieu 
But our lives have been enriched 
With the simple existence that is you 
We might shed a tear 
For the loss that we feel now 
But if we listen closely   

we’ll always hear your soft meow.