Kula Bon Bon Experiment Round Up!


Hey Kulaville!

Kula founder Anastasia here! About a year ago, I decided - on a complete whim (as I do) - that I was going to try a new brand of bon bons or truffles every month. No matter what, my bon bon budget was non-negotiable. Even if I wanted to tell myself that I, "didn't need it" - too bad. I was not allowed to listen to myself. Instead, I spent time every single month perusing Instagram and the internet for small chocolatiers that I could support. Over the past year, I think that it is safe to say that I've eaten more bon bons and truffles than most people will in their entire life - and I've loved all of it.

I talk a lot about the concept of abundance in my Kula Cloth Newsletter - and these chocolates are an important part of that for me. Buying chocolates is a beautiful way to stay in a creative flow - a place of wellness that says, "There is enough here." Eating a chocolate everyday seems like a simple thing - but you'd be surprised at how easily your mind wants to sneak in and tell you that you don't, 'need it'... or that it's being, 'frivolous'. But, as my bon bon experiment has continued throughout the year - I've discovered new connections with chocolate makers, I've made new friends, tried new taste combinations and I've been able to share the whole experience with my husband every single day... and it's something we really look forward to. 



So, without further adieu, I want to share some of my FAVORITES with all of you. Keep in mind that I purchased all of my bon bons/truffles with my own money each month - none of these companies knows that I'm sharing them here, and none of them have asked me to mention them. I'm only sharing them because I genuinely and utterly ADORE their chocolate.

1. Lulubee Artisanal Chocolates 

Out of all of the bon bons that I've purchased over the past year and a half... I've bought Lulubees Chocolates at least 4 times. They are THAT GOOD. The flavors are absolutely spectacular and bright and the bon bons are perfectly sized so that you can really savor the flavor. My favorite flavors are the lemon, peanut butter pretzel, strawberry cheesecake, and the mint chocolate - HEAVEN!


Words CANNOT POSSIBLY DESCRIBE MY LOVE for BONBONBON. The flavors are LITERALLY mind blowing. Each bon bon is like a small ice cube shaped cubby hole of goodness filed with miniature deliciousness like nothing you've ever tasted. My favorite? BUMPY - Dark chocolate cake cream, buttercream frosting, dark chocolate shell. But honestly, they are all pretty incredible. Over the past year, I've ordered bonbonbon at least 3 times ... they arrive in a very strangely long cardboard package. You absolutely will ADORE these bon bons!


3. Kingsbury Chocolates 
Ok, so I haven't actually tried the popcorn (popcorn gives me tonsilitis - it's my personal curse in life - UGH!)... BUT Rob Kingsbury is the owner of Kingsbury Chocolates, and he makes the most absolutely scrumptious hand-dipped truffles! The caramel coffee and margarita truffles are my absolute favorites - the ganache is so silky smooth and scrumptious and the truffles are big and absolutely delicious.  


4. Poppy and Peep 


Poppy and Peep is a father/daughter team of chocolate makers who create the most BEAUTIFUL and delicious hand painted bon bons.  The lemon strawberry, 24 Carat Caramel and the Hazelnut Praline were a few of my favorites - but they were all absolutely delicious!


5. Sugoi Sweets
I honestly just felt happy when these chocolates arrived - the colors are absolutely remarkable and the flavors were innovative and interesting.  The chocolate itself is creamy and delicious and it really felt like eating each one was a truly special experience. My favorite flavors were Mexican hot chocolate, milk cookie and milk tea - SO absolutely fantastically delicious!  These chocolates will inspire you with both the beauty of their art as well as their flavor - truly a remarkable bon bon experience.  


6. Lux Artisan Chocolates



The bon bons from LUX are all hand painted and eating them feels like eating a tiny masterpiece. Their flavors change all of the time with the season, but I absolutely LOVED the cherry bourbon and strawberry sake.  I enjoyed these bon bons so much that I've even given them as a gift to somebody else. They really have a 'wow' factor!


7. Two Chicks With Chocolate

Two Chicks With Chocolate is the dreamy chocolate company of a mom and daughter team who also happen to be some of the kindest people I've met. I wrote a poem in my order - and they actually CALLED ME to thank me for it and even included some extra goodies in my order. They are SO SWEET and their chocolate is innovative, beautiful and absolutely delicious.  Cookie butter and hazelnut crunch were some of my favorites... as were the 'boozy' chocolates - which are infused with the flavors of bourbon caramel and whiskey. 


8. Chocolate Therapy
Founders Pam and David created Chocolate Therapy with a focus on innovative and healing herbs and spices (and of course... the power of chocolate). Their flavors are absolutely remarkable - I *loved* the sweet potato, London Fog and Heavenly Hazelnut. Truly healing in every way - seriously, eating chocolate is a short meditation and it's a really beautiful experience if you savor every bite.