WANTED: HOME For Creepy Cat and PNW Gear Company

Hello friend - 
If you are reaching this page, it's because you likely saw our Wanted Poster....



I'm Anastasia, the founder of Kula Cloth - and I am so excited you are here. Who is Kula Cloth? We are a PNW-based gear company that happens to make a really amazing product - an antimicrobial pee cloth for anybody who squats when they pee. 
Here I am, with my cat, Cinder!
I started Kula Cloth out of my guest bedroom in 2018... with a dream and a vision that we were much MUCH more than just the 'lowly pee cloth'. And guess what? We've proved that vision right - and then some! Kula Cloth is now carried nationwide by gear stores, we host events all over the country, and we've made and shipped hundreds of thousands of Kulas all over the world. 
Currently, we operate a small fulfillment center in Granite Falls, WA. As we add more products... we need more space... and the time has come to find a home for Kula Cloth. But this isn't just an ordinary home, because we aren't an ordinary company. We are an inspired, whimsical, fun, and creative organization that is consistently finding ways to surprise and delight the people that are a part of our community.  We host dance parties, make chocolates, eat lots of cookies, host hero quests, dress up like dragons, and ... in general... we encourage ALL humans to truly be themselves and to PLAY with life.
Our vision for our future Kula Home is not a boring, lackluster conglomeration of cubicles. It is a HIKING HUB for the local community that combines our love of community and desire to create a fun, artistic and welcoming space for all. Kula Cloth has a devoted following, and it is our hope to create a place that becomes a destination for hikers all around the world.  
What does our new home look like? Well... here's a little visual...
We are looking for an existing structure... or land...or warehouse space... or 'shop' building... where we can start to plant the seeds of creation for our Kula Hiking Hub. We are untraditional folks - so we are open to the unique and quirky. Ideally, this building is located in the Granite Falls, WA area - easy access to the Mountain Loop Highway and world class hiking. We want to have an outdoor pavillion where hikers and backpackers can 'stage' their gear (and weigh their packs!) before heading out on a hike. What else will we have:
  • a campfire pit
  • a bronze creepy cat statue for photos
  • a Make a Kula station for special occasions
  • random, sporadic dance parties
  • meditation events
  • highway clean ups (we've adopted 2 sections of the Mountain Loop Highway!)
  • Community events
  • Art classes
  • Opportunities to connect meaningfully with others


The KULA HQ is a real place. This might seem a little wacky, but I know it's real because I've seen it. I don't know how 'woo' you are - but over the past few years of starting a business, I've experienced some truly remarkable things - and NOTHING is impossible or out of question for me. A few months ago, I had a vision of this building while I was completely awake. I saw myself walk into it - and I saw my employees looking up at me as I walked in. The look on their faces wasn't surprise or 'this is unrealistic, Anastasia' ... the look on their faces simply said, "We've been expecting you all along."
For most of my life, people told me that my ideas were silly and unrealistic... and you know what's sad? I listened to them. I spent my life looking outside of myself for validation and always trying to do what other people thought I should do in order to gain their approval. I fell short over and over again - not only for them... but for myself. There was an ache in my heart that told me very clearly, "This is not what you are supposed to be doing." It was a near death experience in 2018 that finally shook me to my core. I decided to throw away all of the limiting beliefs - and begin to truly follow my heart. And you know what? All of the 'silly' ideas that I've ever had... have become the most beautiful parts of my life. The universe has a funny way of working things out when you finally let go and trust it to assemble the pieces as they were meant to be assembled. 
I am so truly thrilled for this next magical phase of Kula and for Kula becoming a PLACE that people can visit and experience. The 'Kula Effect' is simple - we are a joy company that happens to create a piece of gear. Over the past few years, the goodness of Kula has rippled out into the world in unexpected ways. It is our mission to bring more light, kindness, love, and joy to the world around us.  
If you want to reach out or have something to share with our team about our search for the Creepy Cat Home - please use the form below to send us a message, or you may reach me personally at
We are so truly grateful for your kindness and support and we look forward to welcoming YOU into our new home.
Anastasia and the Kula Team