How to compost your Kula packaging!

Welcome to the future of packaging - bags that actually go back to nature!

Our packaging is HOME compostable, which means that you can simply put it in your compost bin at home! If you need help starting a compost bin, this link is helpful.  

If you don't have a compost bin, you can bring your Kula bag to a friend who composts... or check to see if there are any local gardening organizations near you who might have a compost bin. You can also look for industrial compost facilites.

TIPA® Compostable films and laminates complies with standards for home and industrial composting, including ASTM D6400, ISO 17088, and EN 13432, and TUV OK Compost Home which stipulate that home compostable films disintegrate within 6 months and industrially compostable films disintegrate within 3 months.

Biodegradable vs. Compostable

The term ‘biodegradable’ represents a process, but not necessarily under what conditions or time frame, also, the rate of decomposition can vary significantly. Technically, all chemical compounds can be biodegradable under the right conditions, and will decompose over a certain period of time, but that time could be hundreds or thousands of years. For example, wood is biodegradable, but wooden structures don’t break down and can stand for generations. Trees are biodegradable, but stand for hundreds of years. If a material is compostable, it means that under composting conditions (heat, humidity, oxygen, & microorganisms) it will break down to CO2, water, and a nutrient-rich compost within a specific time frame.

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