They are a Sucker For Song!

Heros... this guardian of the clue is a force to be reckoned with... but they have one known weakness. This guardian is a special type of being known as a, 'sucker for song' .... which means that while removing the clue by force is not recommended ... a song will easily woo the clue away from them. 

Upon approaching the abode of the Guardian of the Clue - USE CAUTION. Be gentle and kind. No sudden movements. Politely request an audience from the Guardian of the Clue. Then select a member of your group to recite the following:

Guardian of the Clue

We beseech a moment of your time

The thing that we ask

I will say in this rhyme


A song so beautiful

We'll sing for you

In exchange 

For our very next clue.  


.... and then sing the lyrics that will be presented by the Guardian of the Clue to your favorite tune below. Best wishes and good tidings, dear heroes. You are doing a brave thing... and saving a creepy cat in need.