Kula Cloth Abundance Tour (KAT)

Kula’s on a mission to raise money for Washington State Parks… and give away as much free gear as possible. 

The Kula Abundance Tour (KAT) is Kula Cloth’s way of saying thank you AND it’s our way of spreading abundance far and wide. It’s our way of giving and to be honest… it’s just a really good excuse to throw a party to benefit Washington State Parks and their Foundations. Each event will be a little bit different, so you should join as many as you can. 



What to Expect:

A Treasure Hunt for a chance to win prizes and outdoor gear plus...

  • Opportunities to make your very own FREE custom Kula Cloth
  • Day hikes, nature walks and water activities (depending on the location) 
  • A potluck smorgasbord, drinks and the Official Kula Cookies
  • Photo ops with the Victorian Kitty AND an opportunity to touch the Kula Branch (IYKYK)
  • Silent Disco Dance Party with a great playlist – we won’t make you dance, but we’re pretty sure that you won't be able to resist!
  • Use of SUPs, Kayaks, Floaties (depending on location and time of year) 
  • Lots of time to connect, reflect and have fun with awesome people 

Participate in our Park Stewardship Activity (think clean up) for a chance to win  The One - an amazing tent provided by our friends at Gossamer Gear!

Kula Abundance Tour Dates - 2023 

*Dates and locations subject to change

Kula Abundance Tour Partners including Gregory Packs, Garage Grown Gear, Gossamer Gear, Northwest Alpine, Bear Vault, Mukilteo Coffee, AlpenFuel, Granite Gear, SamBob, CNOC, Sawyer, NoSo, Huppy, Bushka's Kitchen, CTUG, GooseFeet, Six Moon Designs, Cascadia Coffee, Hilltop Packs, Hilltop Coffee, Responsible Stewardship, Discovering Wilderness, Apex Giant, Hoka, Mountaineers Books, Rawlogy, Rawlogy Naturals and Kula Cloth

Gossamer Gear is giving away one THE ONE Tent at each tour location! 

Gossamer Gear The One


Gregory Backpacks is giving away 6 backpacks at each event!

Garage Grown Gear is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate at each event!

Garage Grown Gear is giving away $50 Gift Cards at each event

Bear Vault is donating eight Bear Vaults  - 1 for each tour location

Sawyer is donating a Sawyer Squeeze Prize Pack at each location

Northwest Alpine is giving 5 Black Spider Hoodies and 6 Sun Hoodies

SAMBOB is donating two custom fleeces  


GooseFeet Gear is is donating a pair of Down Socks at each event

Goosefeet Gear Down Socks 

 Mukilteo Coffee is giving coffee at each event

Cnoc Outdoors is donating 16 Vesicas 

Collapsable Bottles - two for each tour location


Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear is donating 16 Vesica sleeves - 2 per event


Huppy is giving away toothpaste at each event


Bushka's Kitchen is donating $25 gift cards for each event

Granite Gear is donating 12 Moonlight Paddle Hiker Satchels plus

12 Moonlight Paddle Hipwings - How Cool is that!!!



Alpen Fuel is donating 3 Granola Breakfasts for each tour location 


Cascadia Coffee Roasters is donating two 6-packs of Instant Adventure Coffee at each event location

Cascadia Coffee Roasters

Six Moon Designs is donating 4 Gatewood Capes and 4 Multi-Color, Multi Sized Packing Pods 


Alt Route Meals is donating 2 meals at each event plus they are providing discount codes for attendees all year long!

Alt Route Meals


Hilltop Packs is donating $100 in gift cards for each event. ($50 Hilltop Packs, $25 Hilltop Coffee, $25 Apex Giant) 


Discovering Wilderness is donating 1 Food Cozy at each event.

Hoka has donated 100 Voori Bags!  We'll give away a bunch at each event.

Mountaineer Books is donating three books at each event.

Nuu-Muu is donating $100 gift card to purchase an amazing dress



Why Are We Doing It?

In August, we hosted a beach party at Deception Pass State Park and had a ton of fun making FREE custom Kulas and giving away lots of things that outdoor people love, including food cozies with backpacking meals and titanium sporks, Nalgene bottles, Darn Tough Socks, Outdoor Guide Books, protein bars and so much more.

People left feeling happy, energized and full of life. We TRUST that they took those feelings home to the people they LOVE. And we BELIEVE that is how we all make the world a better place to be… by spreading joy and an abundance of love and positive energy to those around us.

So, we decided that we wanted to do it again and again and again and…

The Kula Abundance Tour (KAT) was born! 

Once upon a time, Kula’s Founder was a park ranger. She loves parks almost as much as she loves dancing, baking cookies and eating bon-bons. She decided that any profit from the Kula Abundance Tour would benefit Washington State Parks and their Foundations. So please know that your donations go toward putting on a great event AND helping state parks provide amazing places to make memories and have fun!

Join Us on The Tour!