Kula Cloth Census - Add your Kula!

To celebrate Kula's 5th birthday on July 20, we wanted to see ALL of the amazing places that YOUR Kula has been!  


  1. For every Kula you’ve purchased, you get one pin! Drop that pin at your Kula’s favorite place (aka, somewhere amazing you’ve peed outside). Feel free to add a story and images.
  2. Weirdness is welcome, but use your judgment and be kind! Kulas don’t like profanity or anything that social media would flag as offensive.

Our end goal is simple: we will create a map where if you zoom out enough, it looks like the USA… and maybe the world… is covered in pee cloths.

Just click this link to add your Kula to the map - and then watch it magically appear on the map below. You can zoom out on the map and check out all the amazing places that Kulas have been - all over the world!