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Kula Dance Experiment Page


This is the page where I will share some tips, tutorials, and mini dance sessions throughout the course of the month to keep you engaged and finding joy in your experiment. Remember, if you notice at any point that the dance experiment is getting 'routine' or you feel like you are just 'going through the motions' - then use the feeling of stagnancy to fuel your creativity into something new. A few ideas:

try wearing a new or fun outfit while you are dancing 

try a different genre of music - maybe even one that you don't think that you enjoy

ditch the playlist I've provided, and try your own

dance in a new location

dance outside 

dance at a different time of day

dance in the dark, with twinkle lights

try dancing with only your hands and your eyes closed

What I've found is that when things feel 'meh' or 'routine' - if I change even just ONE TINY THING, I can suddenly find a sense of newness again. When you feel that exhilarating joy rippling through your body as you are dancing - you'll KNOW that you are sending a powerful signal of good out in the world. 

Below are a few tutorial videos that I've filmed to get you started with some 'foundational' shuffling moves. Keep in mind that these are very basic moves, but it often helps to have a few ideas about where to get started. Don't get hung up on not being able to do these moves right away - it takes time for your body to develop muscle memory, so just be kind to yourself and practice them as you are able to do so. If you don't enjoy doing these moves, than do not feel attached to them - if your body is calling you to move in a particular way - do THAT instead. Approach the whole experiment with a lot of curiosity about what feels the best and most fun for YOU.

Day 1 Playlist: