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Kula Cloth Design Contest 2023


Scroll below to see the gallery and vote for your favorite designs!

Welcome to the third annual Kula Cloth Design Contest! We are so thrilled that you are here, and we are absolutely honored that you want to see your art on a Kula Cloth!

Submit your art to be considered in our Kula Cloth design contest. One entry is allowed per artist. Post your entry on your social media page (Facebook or Instagram only - and page must be public) and tag @kulacloth. Tell us about your art, and the story behind your design. You must Include the hashtag #kulaclothdesign2023 in order for your art to be visible in the contest gallery. Then come back to this page to submit your work below.

Please note: There *might* be a delay between submitting your art and seeing it appear in the gallery. All art must be approved before it will be visible in the gallery. 

Please visit this link to learn more about creating art so that it works within the Kula template.

By submitting your art to this contest, you retain 100% of the rights to your artwork. We might re-share it on social media platforms during the course of this contest due to extreme excitement and glee... and if we do so, we will always give credit to the artist. If you do not want us to re-share your art (i.e. Instagam stories, etc...) with credit to you as the artist, please let us know by e-mailing us at

Share this contest with your friends and family to VOTE for your art! Voting begins on March 15th and closes on March 31st. Winner will be selected and announced during the first week of April, 2023. 

SCROLL BELOW to see and VOTE FOR all of the current entries for our 2023 Design Contest!  Please hit the 'LOAD MORE' button at the bottom of the page to make sure that you can see all of the entries.  

To VOTE: Click on the entry and hit the HEART 'VOTE' button! You will need to login to your facebook account to submit a vote - this prevents people from being able to submit unlimited votes for a design.  

VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON YOUR CELL PHONE: If you are using a phone to vote, we are currently having a 'glitch' with our pop up image 'blocking' the vote button. Until we figure out how to remove this, there is a VERY EASY fix - simply turn your phone on its side (horizontal), and you will easily be able to submit your vote. If you have any issues - have no fear - voting is open until March 31st, so even if you don't get your vote in today, you can come back anytime before March 31st to submit it.  You are only allowed to vote once (but you can vote for multiple designs that you like).  

Design a Kula Cloth Contest 2023