How to design a Kula!


Hello! My name is Amanda, I am the Creative Director at Kula Cloth®, thanks so much for taking part in this fun contest, we want you to feel confident and excited during the design process. Here are some tips to help you create art for a Kula. I will address how to prepare art that is both hand done and digital.

All art mediums are welcome for this contest as long as they can be digitally scanned (including photography).


My favorite way to create art for a Kula is to paint within a large square, 10”x10” inches or larger. Below, you can see some visual examples of art made for a Kula. Tip: If you are a proud owner of an artist series Kula Cloth® you can place the Kula at the center of the paper and draw with a light pencil the outline of the Kula, this will help you to visualize the part of the art that will be cropped and where the focus needs to be. The 10”x10” paper or canvas also allows for a 1/2 inch bleed that is required by our printer. If you don’t have a Kula you can measure a diamond that is 7.5” inches across, top to bottom and side to side. Some folks have turned the paper and painted the art in a diamond, this can be done, but a square is easier to frame :) All art mediums are welcome.

Please do not paint the snaps or the strap onto your art submission.  


Below is a visual of the Kula Cloth® template. The template provides insights into things to consider while designing your Kula. 1: There should be at least a 1/2 inch bleed all the way around. 2: The Kula folds in half, consider how it would look folded. 3: There is a quarter inch silver thread on the left hand side. 4: There is a snap at the top and a snap at the bottom near the thread. *You don’t have to have a computer program to test your Kula in the template, I am here to help with that. However, if you are a design wizard, by all means go ahead and test the Kula in the template. Winners will scan or photograph art at 300 DPI and send in color mode RGB. If you don’t have acess to a scanner or photography camera you can mail art to me to be scanned. Your local staples might also have a scanner.

You can download a .pdf of the template by clicking here.  


Digital art can be created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Procreate. Create a 10”x10” inch 300 DPI document in color mode RGB. Upload the template into the program, lock the template to an underlying layer and use the template as a guide. When finished, hide the template from the layers and save final art as a high resolution 300 DPI JPG.