The Kula Diaries - 7 Days of Meditation

Hello Kula Diaries folks... and welcome to your secret page! The fun part about owning a website is that I can create as many pages as I want to... and then I can 'hide' them, so that they don't appear in the normal navigation.... but they can still be found by the people who are looking for them.

As you've read in my Kula Diaries post, one of the first ways that we can start to shift ourselves from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance is through the practice of meditation. This is for two reasons:

1. Meditation helps us realize that we are observing our thoughts -- we are not our thoughts. They might be real thoughts, but they are not necessarily true. In other words: don't believe everything you think.  

2. When we practice meditation, it changes our energy. Why? Because in a dedicated moment of being present, we are not activating the energies of scarcity or lack. In fact, we are tuning ourselves to the frequency of love, wholeness and abundance.

Just a few minutes per day is a powerful practice -- but most people won't do it. In fact, most people start meditating, and then convince themselves that they don't need to do it. I can say this -- because I was one of those people who has convinced myself that it's, 'doing nothing'. 

So, to make it unbelievably easy for all of you -- I've selected 7 different meditations... you can do one per day for a week... and then come back to them for the second week if you'd like ... or explore on your own. As an alternate to these meditations, you can also just set the timer on your phone (I like the timer on Insight Timer because it has a nice bell) ... and sit in silence, coming back to your breathing over and over again.  

Start today. There is no right or perfect place to start. In fact, start right now. Just do the first meditation and see what happens. I'm sending you all so much love!

7 Days of Meditation:
Day 1: 3 Minutes With Your Breath
Day 2: 5 Minutes of Breathing
Day 3: I Am Here Now
Day 4: Heart Centered Sound Healing
Day 5: Gateway To Presence
Day 6: Liminal Breathing Space
Day 7: You Are Enough