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You might have just discovered this page on our website and if you have the thought... "What does a Kula Cloth have to do with DANCING?!" ... don't worry... you're aren't alone. Just know that we are so glad you are here. 

Kula founder Anastasia Allison started dancing on January 1st, 2021... "just to see what happened" if she danced for a little bit everyday. She didn't have any 'goal' in mind - she just wanted to to dance, even though she had always been one of those people who told everybody, "I can't dance!". 

As it turns out... after two weeks of dancing everyday... she started to feel something... "IS THIS JOY?!" She discovered a sense of lightness and play and happiness in her life and she felt present and creative and she looked forward to moving joyfully every single day. In fact, she loved it so much that she just never stopped... and she's still going. For those of you who like math... that's over 800 consecutive days now!

On January 9th, 2022, Anastasia decided to share The Dance Experiment with the Kula Community. She was a little worried that nobody would show up... but guess what? They did. And they are STILL showing up. A group of humans meets virtually every single morning to share a short meditation and about 20-25 minutes of joyful movement together. What started as a 'silly experiment' has turned into a beautiful, very real community of humans who have made the decision to include dancing into their day.

There is no right or wrong way to dance. This is NOT a dance class where you have to do certain moves of choreography.

Each day, we provide a fun playlist for you and create a magical environment where you can connect with yourself and let go a little bit. Is it magical? You'll have to find out for yourself.

Want to learn a little more about the Dance Experiment? You can watch Kula Founder Anastasia talk about it here:

 But don't just take our word for it... here are some testimonials from our amazing community of over 1,000 humans who have danced with us:

What Others are Saying About Kula's Dance Experiment. You can sign up for the latest month of The Dance Experiment here

From Lynn R., Shuffler Extraordinaire 💃

I always thought I couldn’t dance because I was an engineer.🤣I tried it for a week and it brought so much joy into my day I continued on with the month! (Don’t believe everything you think, and the JOY was already inside me.)

Really, I just love this, it also makes my husband laugh in the morning, and my dog gives me a look like, “What the hell are you doing?” So grateful for the community and exposure to new music. I am going to continue to bust out a move or 2 every morning. Thank you!!!!


From Nicole R.

That’s absurd. Every day for a month? Get up when? It’s night. Explain ‘dance.'  I’m an introvert and a Revenge Bedtime Procrastinator (it’s a thing). Nighttime, when everyone is asleep, is like being inside my own fort, lined with pillows and covered in rainbows where my Energizer bunny gets recharged. Persuading a shift to mornings is like saying, ‘pull your lip over your head, you’ll love it.’ But, I want to do good things for myself, and this has been… amazing. I lured my inner, introverted night owl into day one with thoughts like It will still be dark and quiet outside… put in earbuds and it’ll be like a dream… it will be good for my soul and my shoulders and my hips and my mind. This experience is reprogramming my brain and dislodging things I didn’t even know were in there… in the best and most gentle and supportive way, with reflective meditations and kickin’ beats. I never thought I’d be dancing every morning, or even… awake… let alone… looking forward to getting up before dawn to share 30 minutes with a group of people. My body feels better, I’m relaxed and ready for my work day, I’m sleeping better, and just all around enjoying a new sense of ease. We’re lifting each other up. I’m so proud of myself, and of all of us. Thank you Kula-verse."


From Vivian

Dancing has always been something I’ve loved, but never something I’ve felt comfortable doing in front of others. The Kula Cloth dance experiment has given me a new found sense of confidence and creativity through movement that empowers me to take on the day, whatever it may bring. Being a part of over 200 powerful people all embracing their unique form of movement and inner children is nothing short of a profoundly moving experience.

Like COVID, the dance experiment is contagious in that you will surely catch a case of wild joy with aftereffects of a full body smile and self love which may cause you to dance in very public places, be warned.


From Rikki in Scandinavia

"I had an accident the first week of 2022 and it left me with a heavy concussion and some mental bruises (I will remember to wear my helmet when biking in the city from now on). I haven't been able to go back to work and I couldn't really exercise (I climb a lot) the way I usually do. I could go for walks but then what felt like a somewhat random event from Kula's truly, Anastasia and the team behind, became the highlight of the days - some pretty dark days in between.

It's been this pile of joy inviting me in every day keeping my spirit up and a great way to follow my own process. From sitting down dancing to now being on my feet - hell even a little bit of jumping!! Yeah.

I'm based in Copenhagen in Denmark, so while most of you were dancing the morning away, I had the whole day to look forward to dancing with you in the afternoon. It's been such a lovely experience to be a part of - because that is what I feel we all are, A PART OF IT. That's so special and I promise you energy like that can travel continents. I've felt it all the way over here.

I thank you for that and how this wonderful experiment has been there in much needed times." 


From Tracy B

"Dancing every day, to quite probably music I would NEVER choose, has been the most joy-filled thing I have done for myself in 2022! DANCE ON!!"


From Becca

"Would it sounds ridiculous to say this month has been life changing? Like most of us, I suck at New Years resolutions. This year, I decided to set a few fun New Year’s GOALS. To hike 250 miles of new trail, to take a shelter dog for an outing each week, and the Dance Experiment. My only rule going into it was that I had to show up. There have been days I’ve just stood and watched (because how does she move her feet like that 🤔) and days I’ve only danced part of each song (because holy crap, dancing is exhausting 😅). Then Covid came to my house last week and I was so bummed to miss a few days of actually dancing, because watching didn’t satiate me. I do not know how to dance, but now I think about dancing constantly! It’s fun, it feels good, and the camaraderie of the zoom room can’t be beat! "


From Roxanna M

"I had a DEXA bone scan in December 2021, just as a maintenance screen since I had not had one in over 35 years. The results showed osteoporosis in my lumbar spine, osteopenia in my upper femur. Though this is not unusual for a woman at 70, it was a heads up to me that my usual exercise might need some tweaking.

In January of 2022, I signed on for the Dance Experiment, knowing I love to dance and don’t get much opportunity (with Covid always around) AND dancing is weight bearing exercise. I also began strength training a couple times a week, and cut way back on caffeine. Results……..

  1. I love my early mornings, now, because dancing around energizes me for the rest of the day. That energy stays with me and I am more motivated to get out and walk/run too. I feel like I have gotten my life back every day.
  2. The meditation at the start of each dance session is a HUGE plus!!
  3. I see an acupuncturist for health maintenance around once a month. I always had one or more “pulses” that were weak when I would arrive at the office there. But since I have been dancing regularly, my acupuncturist is amazed… my pulses are all strong as they should be. She says its like my body has awakened.
  4. I sleep much better. Just going to bed earlier did not always help. I have consistent good sleep now.

Let the good times roll. I am looking forward to another month! Peace and happy feet!"


From Sherry

"Before January, I only occasionally danced while doing random things - now my cats think I've lost my mind because I'm doing it at random times. I think they are just jealous. It may be a problem when our office opens back up - my coworkers may start questioning my sanity. Or maybe they will dance too!

The Kula Dance Experiment has been such an awesome experience - I've found dance creeping up at random times bringing joy and light into my day. The live sessions are so much fun (even though I've not been brave enough to turn on the mic or camera - one day?) - there is just something freeing about knowing others are out there dancing wildly and randomly just for joy of movement.

Kula Dance like no one is watching

Like no one can see

Because the joy it creates

Will radiate out

and bring you all the Creepy Victorian Kitties

Ok...that was bad. But I hope it gave you a chuckle. Lol."


From Samantha R.

"This has honestly been one of the hardest starts to a year that I’ve had in a while. Having the consistency of a group of incredible people to dance along with and just share incredible serenity and pure joy was an absolute godsend. It really helped reduce my anxiety to a more manageable level, by giving me a more productive outlet. The coupling of dancing in meditation has really struck a chord, and it’s been really incredible. This has even inspired me to sign up for an adult tap dance class in my community! So excited to keep joy in every single day, no matter where, when, or under what circumstances. Just dance!"


From Jennifer W.

This dance experiment has been a both fun and grounding extravaganza of music, movement, and meditation - plus community! Anastasia is a wonderful free being who has shared her sparkling presence with all of us and has brought a lot of joyful moments into my life this month. Looking forward to more!


From Marie DJ

"I'm completely surprised by how excited I am for every dance zoom. And how sad I am when I miss a live session because of my standing appointment with my trainer at the gym. I have actually changed the appointment a couple of times just so I could dance with this group. The energy is palpable, the connection substantial and the joy I feel dancing with everyone is something I don't want to give up. "


From Regina

"Dancing with the Kulaverse Dance Experiment group is a happy way to start the day with fun, laughter and moving to the beat. The playlists are super fun and I love getting to know more songs. I am inspired to make dancing a daily habit and am excited to continue the Kulaverse Dance Experiment."


From Stephanie B.

"Two tap dancers walk into a bar they look at the floor and comment on how beautiful it is one tap dancer looks at the other and says “I’d tap that”

What can I say? Dancing Without Disclaimers has truly been a game changer -it has been so much fun and it really has brought a tremendous amount of joy to my days and it permeates all I do. I now irritate my friends on the regular by breaking out in spontaneous dance!"

From Laura D.
"So, your dance experiment:   Two years ago, I had a job. The best thing about my job was the free gym membership. I would go to the gym, mosey to the back studio, shut the door and dance my heart out in front of the mirrors. Basically, every suburban mom's bliss. Then, the pandemic hit, I quit my job and I was at home in front of the computer getting a stiff back from sitting all day on my cute office chair on a glass rolling surface. Then, came the dance experiment. This was *the pefect* excuse to use that glass surface to rock out and not just watch myself, but watch a bunch of other ladies in colorful pants and pajamas, or perhaps some colorful pajamas, rock. out. The best part of the dance experiment, though, is those moments when I dance alone. When the spirit hits me and my body starts to move. I've started dancing on my dog walks, in the shower, and in the kitchen. The look on my kid's faces when I break into dance and they realize they're mom has moves and she knows how to use them is *priceless.* Dancing puts me in tune with my body and if we can get in tune and start listening to our bodies, we can realize how much useful information it has to tell us when it feels safe and heard. In short, this dance experiment will change you and through doing that, will change the world.
I may just get "dance your own dance" tattooed on my ass. I have no idea how that is not a kula yet. I think I will make a design right now. Please see attached. Also, this is for Anastasia, please do start a colorful pants company. I have searched the internet far and wide and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Your magic and skill in textile loudness is needed in this world.  Love you guys."
From Kelly E.
"The dancing has been great for my soul and spirit. Not long into the month I somehow managed to get my SI joint way out of alignment (not from dancing, FYI) so the past couple weeks have been what I call “still dancing”. Mostly slow moving body or laying on floor dancing my hands around. But it still felt like I was shuffling right along with everyone. And actually one of the best parts of not being able to “regular” dance is that I got to experience a couple things I never would have otherwise. One time there was this spontaneous dance with my belly! As someone that is learning to love me as I am and actively working on learning that my value is not connected to my body weight, there was something freeing to spend a few minutes lovingly moving my belly with love and no judgement. It might be some of the most free and light I have ever felt about my body. No judgement about how big or how much my belly jiggles, just joy with moving.
The other was spending an entire song “running in place”. Have you ever done that in yoga?  Your feet stay still and you just shake the whole body? I’ve never done it for that long and my whole body was insanely energized when I was done!  I love that dancing looks however it needs to look. It’s just the soul's innate desire to move. 
Happy to say that yoga and chiropractic adjustment has everything lining up again and today I could actually dance and hike without pain or discomfort. I took my dance to the trail with the dogs to celebrate! " 
From Ali
"The Kula dance experiment has brought me an unanticipated amount of joy, but most importantly, it has brought me confidence. I have the confidence to dance, to move my body with absolute happiness, and it's amazing how freeing that is. I intend to keep dancing, every day, going forward. Dancing with a big group of people, with an inspiring woman like Anastasia facilitating, has been such a beautiful experience. I can't wait to see what this dance experiment continues to add to my life!"


From Paula B

"Words I use to describe myself,

Artist, mom, teacher, nana, wife, sunrise chaser,

Lover of walking, kayaks, oceans, lakes, rocks, trees, hummingbirds, eagles

rhythm and movement

someone who at 60 has always and still struggles with weight and body image

searching for something

She who would never describe herself as a dancer

her feet barely lift off the ground

Yet she can see herself moving in her mind’s eye

When the music starts

she has been dancing for 25 days now

And believes she will never stop

meditating, breathing, dancing

spinning in her studio

Connecting with her artwork, her body, the earth, everything

In new and deeper ways

Her aching body thanks her when she sinks into bed

Her mind quiets more easily

Her moments are more precious

All this in

thanks to a woman dancing on a mountain, a cell tower,

A park, a Target, in front of me

In colorful clothes smiling

And a dance experiment led by her,

someone so daring

And caring enough

To share this with the world

Everyone who is ready will come to dance with Anastasia

And you will meet yourself somewhere along the way

Not in perfection but in presence

In light, in peace, in fun, in dance

Don’t delay, she is ready for you

Thank you Anastasia, someday my feet will fly

But for now I am happy no matter how they move me"


From Jess L

"The most important thing that dancing has given me is the ability to finally be present. When I'm flailing my body around without abandon, I hardly ever think about anything else, which, for my anxious and distracted brain, is nothing short of a miracle. Even on days that I really don't feel like shuffling around, I've never regretted the choice to dance. I love the opportunity to be silly, focused and free all at once no matter where I am at physically, mentally or emotionally."


From Jane Ellen

"I joined the Dance Experiment after watching Anastasia dance all year and just getting the general joy that and all of Kula brings to the world.  Dancing is a very invigorating and uplifting way to start (or end) a day.  But the hidden big benefit for me has been the start with meditation.  I LOVE the combination.  I have had a particularly rough month on many fronts and in the last few days I've realized that this daily “practice” is saving my bacon, mind, body, soul.  There is also something really delicious about being part of a community of people up and at ‘em in this way.  Come for the fun, stay for the magic!  It’s abundant."