'Whitney Sunrise' - Jolly Gear Kula Collab
'Whitney Sunrise' - Jolly Gear Kula Collab
'Whitney Sunrise' - Jolly Gear Kula Collab

'Whitney Sunrise' - Jolly Gear Kula Collab

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Jolly Gear is a company founded by a member of the thru hiking community making gear for thru hikers by thru hikers. Starting with the Triple Crown Button Down Sun Hoodie, the first ever button down sun hoodie! They feature fun standout patterns like "Whitney Sunrise" because being outside is fun! So why should our clothes be boring?! Stop by http://JollyGear.com and say hi!

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About the Artist:

I’m Lauren, a self-taught illustrator based in Salt Lake City, UT. I love getting outside, being happy, and making art. All of my art is created digitally with simple line work and bold colors. My creations are inspired by the outdoors in hopes of connecting people to the natural world because you don’t need to be hardcore to get after it.

Website (to purchase Lauren's art or commission a painting): www.laurenechoart.com

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @echo