Kula Wilderness Potty Kit (3 colors!)
Kula Wilderness Potty Kit (3 colors!)
Kula Wilderness Potty Kit (3 colors!)

Kula Wilderness Potty Kit (3 colors!)

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Color: Rust Potty Kit

Have you been searching for an all-in-one kit for your pee pee and poo poo needs in the bush? Well look no farter then....(drumroll) THE KULA WILDERNESS POTTY KIT. This is literally the ULTIMATE leave no trace wilderness/travel/everything potty kit. There is nothing like it in existence. Well, except for this one. 

Forged from the mind of a true potty pioneer, Kula's own CEO, Mare Ruland (who wrote that sentence without approval from her sister Anastasia, who founded the company... and now this entire product description is going to devolve into a sibling rivalry issue).

But, I digress... fueled by Mare's desire for the ultimate potty kit... the Kula team set out on a quest months ago to piece together the most comprehensive kit and cabodle for all the places you go. We started off with our BRAND NEW Kula Pocket (the first ever antimicrobial waterproof hygiene bag with an interior snap pocket). BOOM. Off to a great start.

Next up.... Personal Urination Device (pee funnel)... got it!! Ultralight Trowel?! you bet your booty we included one. Teenie tiny nalgene for soap? YES WE THOUGHT OF IT. A limited addition Kula...why yes, yes we threw one in there. A combined retail value of $108!! 

Kula Wilderness Potty Kit specs:

Total aprox weight 5.1 oz (!!!!)   

Kula Pocket; Waterproof exterior, advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric interior, made with eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester) proudly made in the USA. 8 inch Interior pocket with snap closure. Reflective webbing on attachment loop. Measures 6 × 9 inches. Aprox weight 2.5 oz 

BoglerCo UL trowel; High-grade ultra light aluminum trowel. Not only does it pry through rocky soil without fear of bending or damaging the tip it doubles as a spare tent stake, shoehorn and flyswatter! Length: 7.25",Weight: 0.48oz / 13.5g, Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum. Made in USA

pStyle: a Personal Urination Device (PUD) that allows women, non binary folks, and trans men to stand and pee while fully clothed. Size: 7.75 in. x 1.75 in. x 1.625 in. Weight: 0.8 oz Materials: This pStyle is made in partnership with Oceanworks® out of recycled ocean plastic recovered from fishing nets, trawls, and ropes. Discarded fishing gear is the most deadly form of ocean plastic to marine life. It takes around 600 years to decompose and makes up about 10% of ocean plastic pollution. The Oceanworks® Guarantee: Responsibly sourcing traceable, authentic and high-quality recycled plastics to keep our oceans clean. www.oceanworks.com. Made in USA 

1/2 oz Nalgene; polyethylene bottle holds liquid soap, tablets, shampoo and more. Bpa free. Weight: 0.2oz. Made in USA

Culo Clean: Portable Bidet: THE LIGHTEST TRAVEL BIDET ON THE MARKET. CuloClean is the smallest, lightest and most discreet portable bidet on the market. A handheld bidet compatible with any plastic bottle. Only 0'42 oz! Perfect for hikers. 

The Kula Leash: A biodegradable plastic retractable leash - perfect for quick and easy access to your Kula (without having to remove your backpack!). Weighs .35 oz.  

Limited edition matching Kula Cloth pee cloth: super absorbent, advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric. Eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester). Water proof exterior with snap closure for privacy. Retro-reflective thread detail for locating at night with your headlamp, size is approx 5.5 x 5.5 inches, weight .5oz. Made in the USA

I PEE IN THE WOODS sticker: pretty much the coolest sticker on the market. That's it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Zipper colors on KULA POCKET and pStyle or trowel colors MAY VARY! We will select the color that is in most vibrational alignment with the goodness of your infinite being. Trust us.  Once you get your Potty Kit in the mail, click on the image above or on THIS LINK and you can read about your personal ZIPPERSCOPE!