Mini Kula Earrings by Mosstangle Arts
Mini Kula Earrings by Mosstangle Arts

Mini Kula Earrings by Mosstangle Arts

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 We are so thrilled to feature these completely one of a kind mini Kula wood-burned earrings in the Kula Marketplace. Every single one of these earrings was burned and painted by Kula artist Crystal Bailar. The earrings are very lightweight and the wire is made of an iron alloy that is nickel free and lead free.

These are all one of a kind, so use the drop down menu to see which ones are available (earrings not listed have already been purchased).

Learn more about the artist Crystal Bailar here:

Crystal is an artist and pyrographer who teaches wood burning to empower others to be courageous and expand the boundaries of their own creativity. She firmly believes that adventure is a mindset that can be cultivated whenever and wherever you are.

She has been hiking and backpacking since she was a small child, and brings her love for the outdoors to her art. Whether backpacking in the mountains or just sitting quietly in a canoe, she finds great beauty and adventure everywhere she goes. She lives in Snohomish Washington where she also works part time as a nurse at a local clinic and is often found wandering the trails.

You can see more of Crystal's incredible art on her Instagram channel, on her website, or watch the Kula Academy page because she teaches Woodburning 101 Classes on a regular basis!