Pixie Cup - Menstrual Cup Combo Pack

Pixie Cup - Menstrual Cup Combo Pack

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Pixie Cup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that collects fluids safely and securely. Inserted similarly to a tampon, Pixie Cup sits in the vaginal canal comfortably with no odor or leaks. Easy removal and leak-free periods means no period blood stains!

You can wear a Pixie Cup for up to 12 consecutive hours. When it’s full, simply empty your cup, wash it, and reinsert. 

  • If you aren’t totally satisfied, we will make it right with either a full refund or a replacement product. We’ve got you with our 100% happiness guarantee! 

  • Doesn’t block urine flow. The softness of our cup allows your bladder to relieve itself fully without having to remove your Pixie Cup.

  • The design of our stem allows for easy removal and is perfect for a higher cervix. 

  • Pixie Cups hold fluid, but do not absorb like a tampon, virtually eliminating the risk of TSS.

  • Every time you purchase a Pixie Cup, we donate one to a woman in need. We’ve donated 135,000+ Pixie Cups so far!