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We Asked an Artist to Create Our Indigo Peaks Pee Cloth — Here's Why!

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

As the violinist for The Musical Mountaineers, I've had the incredible opportunity to perform music in wilderness settings, while professional artists are painting. Claire Giordano is one such artist.

I first met Claire on a cold October morning. We convened at 3 am at the Granite Mountain trailhead, with plans to climb up the peak to perform a sunrise serenade. That day, as the sun rose, I watched Claire paint the most incredible piece of art. To this day, I continue to be moved by the emotional connection I feel each time I look at that particular painting.

As a musician, I've noticed that art creates a strong bond between an experience or a memory and a place. And, when we are more emotionally invested in wild spaces, we are more intentional about our actions.

When I came up with the idea of putting art on a Kula Cloth, collaborating with Claire was an obvious choice. Since that day on Granite Mountain, I've had the opportunity to perform music several times while Claire paints, as well as become friends with her.

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

Claire also has an impressive resume that includes working as a guest artist aboard a month-long cruise to the Arctic, and being featured by Alpinist magazine for her acrylic paintings on Alpine Lakes Wilderness permit tags. Claire also did a beautiful collaboration of notecards featuring the incredible writing of Charlotte Austin.

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

But before I could get rolling with Claire, I first had to get past my own doubts and fears — and learn to tune out the naysayers. Skeptics told me it was completely overkill to put art on a pee cloth, that nobody would buy it. But, in my heart, I believed differently.

The mission behind Kula Cloth is so much more than just removing TP from the wilderness; the mission of Kula is to create a ripple effect of intentional action and to cultivate change in all areas of our lives. Art is a powerful voice, without needing to say any words at all. I felt that a pee cloth that connects us emotionally to the places we love would inspire environmental stewardship in a big-picture way.

I also wanted the Artist Series Kula to be a statement — to be something that catches people’s eye and begs the question, "What's that for?" I love imagining many beautiful conversations being started around the world simply because somebody notices a piece of art hanging from a pack and asks about it.

Printing one-of-a-kind art on a Kula takes a long time and is more challenging than simply buying stock fabric off the shelf. But we can’t claim to be a brand that spurs others to put in the extra effort if we’re not going to do it ourselves.  

So, it is with great enthusiasm, that we introduce the Indigo Peaks Kula Cloth featuring Claire’s artwork! When painting Indigo Peaks, Claire chose to create a design that embodies the ‘intentionality’ of Kula as a real piece of gear.

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

Kula Cloth Pee Cloth Indigo Peaks Artist Series Claire Giordano

She writes, “Inspired by the stunning scenery of the Northwest, I chose to paint peaks that embody a sense of awe and reverence that can be found in the mountains. The design features Komo Kulshan (Mount Baker), the Pickett Range in the North Cascades, and the Stuart Range.”

To say it is an honor to feature her work on a Kula is an understatement. These Indigo Peaks Kulas are true mini masterpieces and we are beyond thrilled to see them hit the trails ❤️

To see more of Claire’s amazing artwork check out her website and Instagram feed.

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  • You two are both so incredibly talented! Anastasia – will you be doing more Kula’s with Claire’s artwork? I’d love to order this one.

    Laurel Geisbush

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